FLOOSS Grows again: Loans Now Upsized to BD1000 for Enhanced Financial Support

FLOOSS, the trailblazing financial platform, proudly announces a significant increase to its lending capabilities. In response to the evolving financial needs of its users, FLOOSS is thrilled to announce loans are now available up to BD1000.

This strategic decision is a testament to FLOOSS’s unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled financial support and flexibility. The upsized loan offerings aim to empower individuals, offering a substantial financial boost to help them achieve their goals.

Key Highlights of the Upsized Loans:

– Increased Financial Flexibility: Borrowers can now access loans of up to BD1000, providing them with more significant resources to meet diverse financial needs.

– Continued Ease of Access: FLOOSS maintains its dedication to a seamless and straightforward lending process, ensuring that users can access the enhanced loan limits with ease.

– Empowering Financial Journeys: The upsized loans signify FLOOSS’s commitment to being a catalyst for financial success, supporting the community in their pursuit of growth and prosperity.

– Licensed by the Central Bank of Bahrain as a Financing Company

Fawaz Ghazal, CEO said, “The increased support to  BD1000 symbolize our dedication to being a catalyst for financial freedom for our customers; we always seek to serve the needs of our community, specially with the success and demand on our lending product”

FLOOSS invites current and new users to explore the expanded possibilities that come with these enhanced loan offerings. As a platform at the forefront of financial innovation, FLOOSS remains focused on providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of its diverse user base. To learn more visit their website www.flooss.com or download from Apple of Google Stores.

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