Five Academic Programmes at the Arabian Gulf University Receive “CAEP” Accreditation from the US

Five academic programmes at the master’s and doctoral levels in the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) have obtained academic accreditation from the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) in the United States of America. This accreditation is valid from 2024 until 2031, making all educational programmes offered by the college accredited.

On the occasion, Dr Saad bin Saud Al Fuhaid, President of AGU, commended the academic body at the CGS for this notable achievement. He emphasised the university’s dedication to quality education and its strategic focus on excellence, commenting: “The achievement of academic accreditation from CAEP, a prestigious accreditation body for education programmes, demonstrates the university’s commitment to innovative and high-quality programmes.”

Dr Al Fuhaid further praised the tremendous efforts that were made to obtain academic accreditation from the Council, which is a body that accredits education programmes in the most prestigious international universities such as the University of Michigan, Duke University, the University of North Carolina, Purdue University, and other renowned universities.

Led by the Dean of the College, Dr Waleed Zubari, the programmes accredited include the Master’s programme in gifted education, the Doctorate in gifted education, the Master’s programme in learning difficulties, the Master’s programme in intellectual disability, and the Master’s programme in autism. This accreditation adds to the university’s reputation for quality and academic excellence, showcasing its commitment to providing students with a high-quality educational experience.

On his part, Dr Zubari acknowledged the efforts of the academic staff and previous deans for their contributions to this achievement. He highlighted the continuous support and encouragement from university leadership in improving programme quality, reiterating that the CGS aims to secure accreditation for all postgraduate programmes in the future.

He added: “Obtaining this academic accreditation reflects the dedication and effort of many individuals, and I would like to point out that this achievement would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of those working in the educational studies programmes, including the Deputy Dean for Educational Studies, department heads, professors, programme technicians, coordinators, and their dedication, effort, and hours of work they have put in over three years. Thanks are due to everyone who contributed to this achievement.”

Meanwhile, Dr Alaaeldin Ayoub, Vice Dean of the College for Educational Studies, reflected on the significance of this accreditation for the university, noting that the achievement required extensive planning, communication, and dedication from all involved parties.

Dr Ayoub stressed that the commitment to international academic standards and continuous improvement led to the successful accreditation of the programmes. At the same time, he expressed gratitude to university leadership, colleagues, and department heads for their efforts in obtaining the accreditation, which he said “marks a significant milestone for the university and underscores its commitment to providing advanced academic and professional education on a global scale”.

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