Fintech Robos and Aflatoun International Partner for Global Financial Literacy

Fintech Robos, the Bahrain-based provider of digital solutions for savings & investments and organiser of financial events for the Arab markets, has signed a partnership for global financial literacy advocacy with the Dutch NGO, Aflatoun International.

The partnership was announced at the opening of the 3rd Arab Savings & Financial Literacy Conference 2023 in Cairo, by the founder and CEO of Fintech Robos, Ebrahim K. Ebrahim, and Aflatoun’s MENA Programme Manager, Mozna Abumery.

The partnership will see the two parties working closely on advocacy and communications for financial education, promotion of curriculum and training materials, conducting research and surveys, and organising specialized workshops and conferences.

“We are pleased to see growing partnerships in engaging with stakeholders in the MENA region for financial education and related products, and we will work together to advocate for financial literacy and education. There is no doubt that financial inclusion plays a key role in empowering communities in this connected world” said Ms. Abumery.

On his part, Fintech Robos’s CEO said people in Middle East and North Africa (MENA) generally lack the savings culture or personal finance skills that build long-term financial resilience.

“It all boils down to a very low level of financial literacy in the region,” said Mr. Ebrahim, adding that the cost-of-living difficulties faced in many parts of the world have emphasised the importance of financial literacy, especially as the gap between the financially resilient and the financially fragile widens”.

He pointed out that it is now recognised that poor financial skills have left many households unprepared to face crises and their consequences.

Aflatoun International is a global organisation committed to empowering young people through social and financial education. With a focus on social and emotional learning, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, Aflatoun equips children and youth with the skills and knowledge needed to become active global citizens. 

The Aflatoun programmes, consisting of Aflatot, Aflatoun, Aflateen and Aflayouth curricula, are currently implemented in 116 countries through its 300+ partner organizations. Aflatoun works with non-profits, UN agencies, governments, Central Banks and many worldwide stakeholders to empower children and youth with financial and social education.

By 2022, Aflatoun International reached 29.5 million children and young people through the integration of financial and social education into the national curriculum of different countries,

and 3.8 million children were reached through the partners’ network.

Fintech Robos is a Bahrain-based B2B business focusing on digitizing tools and operations for savings, investments and pensions. The company is building a purpose-driven regional house of digital solutions for life-long savings and investments, both for individual clients (wealth management and Robo Advisory) as well as group savings plans (Thrift Plans). It also runs regular annual financial conferences that promote financial literacy and financial inclusion across the MENA region.

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