FinMark Launches “Design your future” Podcast with Mr. Jamal Fakhro.

FinMark Communications launched the first episode of the “Design Your Future” podcast series wit with the first episode featuring Mr. Jamal Fakhro, First Vice Chairman of the Shura Council and KPMG Fakhro Managing Partner at an event held at the American University of Bahrain.

The first episode was presented by Ms. Zahraa Taher, Managing Director of FinMark Communications, and participating student Jasim Makhlooq. The episode was shot by American University of Bahrain students and attended by CEOs of private sector companies, university students, and school pupils with their parents.

In February 2023, FinMark Communications announced the launch of the “Design Your Future” campaign, which has been established to support and encourage high-school graduates, university students, and those enrolled in vocational training programs to take a more active approach to planning for and building their futures. The campaign further aims to contribute to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s efforts to accelerate human capital development and educate and build a highly effective and well-trained workforce, one of the many critical goals of Bahrain’s economic Vision 2030.

The podcast is one of various activities under the “Design Your Future” campaign, which consists of a holistic package of diverse programs carefully designed to develop students’ personal skills and practical capabilities.

The podcast series features successful personalities from across industries enabling audiences to learn from and apply the experiences of featured guests. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to co-host each episode, giving students the chance the gain the know-how needed to help them plan their future more effectively.

The episodes of the “Design Your Future” podcast will be broadcast via YouTube channels and social media portals. The American University of Bahrain is the strategic partner of the “Design Your Future” podcast series, along with a prominent list of supporters: CrediMax, Tamkeen, Hope Talents, Education for the Future of Bahrain, and BFT Media.

To watch the first episode, please visit the campaign’s YouTube Channel

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