Fifth edition of King Hamad Prize for Agricultural Development launched

Under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, president of the Consultative Council of the National Initiative for Agricultural Development (NIAD), the fourth edition of the King Hamad Prize for Agriculture was announced this morning.

The prize aims to create a positive competitive environment for agricultural project owners, farmers and researchers in the agricultural field. It also aims to preserve agricultural ecosystems, increase agricultural output and its contribution to the GDP, help achieve relative food security, and promote innovation and the use of modern agricultural techniques. An additional objective is encouraging scientific research in the agricultural field in a way that contributes to the development and sustainability of the sector.

The King Hamad Prize for Agricultural Development is awarded in three categories – The Best Agricultural Project, the Best Bahraini Farmer and the Best Agricultural Research and Studies.

The Best Agricultural Project Prize comprises two sub-categories. The first sub-category is for the best production project that produces outstanding agricultural crops or ornamental plants, and contributes to supporting the national economy and food security. Projects will be recognized for their use of modern agricultural technology, following effective and smart marketing methods, their commitment to protecting the local environment, and to enhancing the capabilities of Bahraini workforce and increasing their participation in the agricultural sector.

The second sub-category is for the Best Agricultural Support Project. It recognizes their role in supporting and sustaining productive agricultural projects, and increasing the diversity of products and the number of workers in this sector. Such projects include engineering and agricultural consultancies, and designers and builders of irrigation systems and greenhouses. It also includes producers and sellers of seeds, fertilizers and nutrients, agricultural pest control, and renewable energy applications and any food processing projects that use local produce.

The second category in the King Hamad Prize for Agricultural Development is awarded to the best Bahraini farmer in recognition of his or her remarkable achievement and appreciation of their efforts and contributions to the development of the agricultural sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The award aims to increase the number of professional Bahraini farmers of different age groups, encourage them to innovate, utilize modern technologies, and compete to produce the best agricultural output. It also aims to raise the knowledge and technical level of the Bahraini farmers and to raise awareness of the need to conserve the agricultural heritage and the local ecosystem.

The third category of the King Hamad Prize for Agricultural Development recognizes achievement in Agricultural Research & Studies. It aims to motivate researchers to focus their efforts on agricultural development, sustainability and food security in dry areas in general and island countries in particular. The scope of the prize in this category has been extended to include researchers from all around the world. Several fields of studies and research have been proposed, including palm tree research, the safe use of treated water in agricultural production and ways to ecological restoration of agricultural lands in dry areas. Other fields cover innovation in agricultural techniques, crop protection research, research related to agriculture and climate change in dry areas, and post-harvest processes and agricultural waste management.

The total value of the King Hamad Prize for Agricultural Development is BD40,000. Two winners from the two sub-categories of the Best Agricultural Project will be awarded a cash prize of 10,000 dinars. Two farmers will be honored in the Best Bahraini Farmer prize, and each of them will receive a cash prize of 5,000 dinars. In the Agricultural Research & Studies, two researchers will be honored, and each will receive a cash prize of 5,000 dinars.

The National Initiative for Agricultural Development invites all investors in agricultural projects, farmers and scientific researchers to apply for the King Hamad Prize for Agriculture by signing up on its website


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