F1 Exhibition accelerates into London this summer for first UK show

The Formula 1 Exhibition is set to give fans a thrill this summer as it opens its doors in the UK for the first time on 23rd August 2024, at the London ExCel Centre. The critically acclaimed show has been hugely popular with visitors. The inaugural Madrid show was Spain’s biggest temporary show of 2023, while the Vienna edition has also seen strong attendance, with ticket sales surpassing Madrid heading into its final weeks. The first North American F1 Exhibition in Toronto also saw record-breaking presales, further highlighting the huge appetite from visitors and fans. Now heading to its fourth location, the London show will pay homage to the British Grand Prix and its contribution to motorsport, through a collaboration with the Silverstone Museum, and in a European first, the show will feature state-of-the-art simulators, offering fans the opportunity to get behind the wheel of an F1 car. The London edition of F1 Exhibition will also see the return of popular rooms such as: • Once Upon a Time in Formula 1 which takes fans through some of the sport’s most iconic and defining moments through a mix of previously unseen photographs, films, artefacts and exclusive interviews. • Drivers and Duels, featuring contributions from F1 drivers past and present, puts fans into the mindset of the F1 driver, and details the evolution of the driver from the first official race in 1950 to the modern day. • Design Lab which takes fans on a deep dive into the technology of an F1 car, explaining key concepts such downforce and drag and the important role that the tyres play in extracting performance. Similarly, Revolution by Design will look to the future, focussing on the technical innovations of the future and the next steps F1 will take in areas such as sustainability and diversity and inclusion.

Fans can take a forensic look at the charred remains of Romain Grosjean’s burnt out Haas chassis in Survival. The purpose-built room rounds out the show and offers new previously unseen footage of Grosjean’s 200mph crash in Bahrain which left fans in awe when he miraculously emerged from the flames. • Finally, The Pit Wall – the show-stopping cinematic and immersive experience provides fans with a high-octane finale of some of the greatest moments in Formula 1 history. Emily Prazer, Chief Commercial Officer of Formula 1 said: “It’s fitting to bring The F1 Exhibition to the UK capital and pay tribute to the British teams, drivers and personalities who have etched themselves into F1 history. The F1 Exhibition has been incredibly popular since its launch in Madrid, and successful runs in Vienna and Toronto prove that it is a great way to engage with both hardcore fans and new audiences, whilst extending F1’s reach beyond the racetrack. London is one of the most cultural vibrant cities in the world, and we look forward to welcoming visitors from around the world to the show.” Timothy Harvey, Lead Curator and Producer of The Formula 1® Exhibition said: “It’s been incredible to see how fans around the world have reacted to the exhibition since opening last year. London was always going to be an incredibly special location for us, so I am looking forward to what’s to come. Each show recognises the national heritage of its host location, and as Britain is the home of racing this will be a really special show. There’s also some fantastic soon-to-be-announced additions coming to London, including incredible cars – I can’t wait to open our doors!”

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