Experts Warn of Rising Cyber Threats to Bahraini Institutions: NGN Roundtable

A roundtable discussion hosted by NGN, a leading Bahrain IT and IoT integration and Managed Cyber Security firm, saw cybersecurity experts converge to address the escalating threat of cyberattacks on public and private sector institutions. The experts recognized Bahrain’s commitment to bolstering its cybersecurity infrastructure but underscored the reality that no entity is entirely immune to the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. They highlighted the critical necessity of ongoing vigilance and the implementation of advanced cybersecurity practices and systems.

Titled “SHIFT to Cyber Resilience,” the roundtable emphasized the imperative for a proactive and adaptive stance on cyber resilience. Experts stressed that prioritizing cyber resilience equips organizations with the capability to develop robust defenses that evolve in response to emerging attack methodologies. The discussion outlined key elements of an effective cyber resilience strategy, including the seamless integration of cybersecurity measures with comprehensive threat detection, data protection mechanisms, and robust response and recovery protocols.

 The event, held at The Gulf Hotel, Bahrain in collaboration with strategic partner Commvault, featured esteemed experts including Mr.  Seyd Tabrez Hussain, Technical Consultant – Backup and Storage at NGN International, Mr. James Phillips, Country Manager: Kuwait and Bahrain at Commvault, and Mr. Satish Datla, Senior Sales Engineer at Commvault. 

During the roundtable, speakers emphasized that while cybersecurity is crucial for managing existing attacks, risks, and threats, the rapid evolution of attack methods and security vulnerabilities requires a preventive approach to achieve more effective outcomes. This approach, known as cyber resilience, involves proactive preparation to address business disruptions and swiftly recover from potential attacks. By proactively analyzing vulnerabilities at all levels within the internal digital environment, organizations can significantly reduce data and reputational damage across various sectors.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN, emphasized the critical need for Bahraini companies and institutions to prioritize cyber resilience as an integral part of their operations. This comes in light of the growing investments in emerging technologies across both public and private sectors, and the increasing significance of the digital economy in driving economic growth.

 Mr. Al Awadhi noted that the concept of cyber resilience gained prominence in recent years due to the emergence of novel cyberattack methods and stated: “The concept of cyber resilience acknowledges that there is no perfect solution for cybersecurity. Even the most advanced tools and strategies cannot guarantee complete protection against all cyber threats, as new attack vectors constantly emerge. Recognizing these limitations, cyber resilience provides plans to mitigate risks in the face of these ever-evolving challenges. These plans should be implemented alongside fundamental cybersecurity practices, as the two concepts are complementary and essential for comprehensive protection.”

James Phillips, Country Manager, Kuwait and Bahrain, Commvault said: “As organisations situated in Bahrain become more at risk of succumbing to cyber threats, adopting a cyber resilience strategy that provides risk, readiness, recovery and rebuild capabilities should be a top priority. It was a pleasure to join likeminded, industry experts at this forum to discuss best practices when defending against ransomware and cyber-attacks in the growing threat landscape, as we embrace the shift to cyber resilience.” 

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