Experience Unparalleled Performance and Unmatched Smoothness with the OPPO Reno10 5G

The latest Reno10 series elevates the smartphone experience and keeps up with the dynamic lifestyle of users, promising unparalleled smoothness and performance. Featuring the MediaTek Dimensity 7050 5G mobile platform, the Reno10 5G delivers super-powerful computing performance and a faster 5G experience, all while consuming less power. Together with the upgraded Ultra-Conductive Cooling System, users can enjoy running heavy-load applications without sacrificing comfort or performance.

Dynamic Computing Engine: A Symphony of Efficiency and Stability

OPPO’s revolutionary system-level optimization, the Dynamic Computing Engine, has been implemented across the Reno10 series. Developed in collaboration with Google, this cutting-edge technical solution achieves the most thorough reconstruction of the Android memory management system to date, setting new standards for system fluency and stability.

On the Reno10 5G, the Dynamic Computing Engine works tirelessly behind the scenes to better balance performance and power consumption while improving the smartphone’s ability to keep multiple apps active in the background. Together, these improvements ensure a seamless, longer-lasting user experience from the ground up.

The ever-smooth experience is further elevated thanks to OPPO’s RAM Expansion technology. Running low on mobile RAM capacity will no longer be a concern as the Reno10 series allows users to temporarily convert unused ROM space into extra RAM. With an impressive extended RAM capacity of up to 8GB on the Reno10 5G, users can effortlessly juggle multiple apps, switching between tasks without any performance lags.

Seamless Connectivity: Smooth Switch Across the Screens

Beyond the smartphone itself, the Reno10 5G also delivers a buttery smooth experience through its smart and fast connectivity. One of the standout features is the Multi-Screen Connect, which allows seamless connections to other devices like PCs, OPPO Pad Air, or OPPO Pad 2. This enables clipboard sharing, notification synchronization, and file transfers, making multitasking across multiple screens effortless, empowering users to work and play like never before. In addition, the OPPO Enco Air3 Pro can also be connected to two devices simultaneously, so users can no longer waste time constantly disconnecting, searching for devices, and pairing, saving valuable time.

Furthermore, the Reno10 series introduces a super handy Infrared Remote-Control for the first time on the Reno series. This innovative feature allows users to seamlessly transform their smartphones into versatile remote controls, granting them the power to take charge of various household appliances such as air conditioners and TVs, resulting in a convenient and practical way to manage their devices with ease.

48-Month Fluency Certification/Test: Your Passport to Lasting Smoothness

OPPO truly believes that smoothness should stand the test of time. To achieve this, the global technology brand employs rigorous testing based on standards set by top research institutions within OPPO Labs. The Reno10 5G showcases its exceptional ability to maintain a consistent smooth user experience over four years of usage by passing the 48-month fluency test conducted by the OPPO Lab.

The Reno10 5G is available for purchase across OPPO’s regional websites and retail partner stores at a retail price of BHD164.9.

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