EtaPRO® Ushers in a New Phase of Digital Transformation for Alba

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), one of the world’s largest aluminum smelters, has achieved another milestone in its Industry 4.0 transformational journey with the inauguration of an online performance system for its power stations. This system is centered around the EtaPRO® Asset Performance and Condition Monitoring platform, installed on over 3,000 units across 60+ countries.

The EtaPRO platform combines the power of thermal performance, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics to help plants increase the availability, reliability, and efficiency of their most critical assets. As Alba seeks to unlock the full potential of digital technology at scale, EtaPRO is helping to improve overall performance, measure plant degradation, enhance asset reliability, and deliver critical data and insights in support of Alba’s digital transformation efforts.

Now that Alba’s new system is online, they are pleased and impressed with how it has enabled them to transform from labor-intensive past practices to proactive, real-time reliability and performance monitoring, thus enabling quicker fixes with minimum downtime before lasting or costly equipment damage is done. “With EtaPRO’s ability to operate on-premises and in the cloud, Alba has flexible options for expansion to meet their current and future business objectives,” says Alba’s Chief Executive Officer, Ali Al Baqali. “EtaPRO is a powerful partner to have as we continue to meet our company’s objectives in terms of efficiency and optimization.”

“It has been exciting to see Alba reach this milestone on their path to digital transformation with EtaPRO,” stated Richard DesJardins, Chief Operating Officer, EtaPRO LLC. “With EtaPRO’s Asset Performance and Condition Monitoring technology, Alba’s power stations can now easily view the real time and historical health and condition of equipment, create high level reports, diagnose an equipment issue, automate routine calculations in addition to displaying trends, and diagnose plant performance.”

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