Empowering Women: Ebdaa Bahrain Microfinance Raises Breast Cancer Awareness Among Female Workforce!

Ebdaa Bahrain Microfinance Company conducted an awareness lecture focusing on the importance of early detection of breast cancer, aimed at safeguarding the well-being of its female workforce, comprising over 55% of its total employees. This initiative coincided with October, recognized globally as the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

The Company collaborated with the Ministry of Health to organize this lecture as part of the Ministry’s breast cancer awareness campaign, titled “Reassurance.” In recognition of the Ministry’s valuable efforts to advance public health and raise awareness about preventable diseases, including breast cancer, the company expressed its gratitude by honoring the Ministry of Health.

During the lecture, various risk factors for breast cancer were discussed, encompassing elements such as age, personal or family medical history, hormonal factors like early puberty, childlessness, delayed childbearing, limited breastfeeding duration, weight gain, and specific lifestyle choices. The session also shed light on common breast cancer symptoms such as the presence of lumps or masses, abnormal secretions, changes in breast skin color or shape, swollen lymph nodes under the armpit, and others.

The lecture imparted crucial advice, emphasizing the importance of initiating monthly self-examinations starting from the age of twenty. Upon reaching the age of forty, it was stressed that regular mammograms should be conducted every two or three years, even in the absence of any complaints. This proactive approach allows for the detection of tumors in their early stages, maximizing the chances of full recovery, which can be as high as 90 percent. Additionally, attendees were encouraged to abstain from both direct and indirect smoking and to adhere to a healthy diet for overall well-being.

The lecture is one among several related events orchestrated by Ebdaa Bahrain Microfinance Company since the start of October. These initiatives also encompassed symbolic gestures, such as transforming the colors of the company’s logo on social media to pink. This campaign was carried out under the motto “Because we care… Our colors are pink like your hearts”.

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