Elevate Your Tech Game: BTECH Invites Bahrain’s Tech Trailblazers to LEAP 2024 in Riyadh

The Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) has declared its intention to organize of the Bahraini pavilion at LEAP 2024, one of the world’s largest tech events.

This significant gathering is scheduled to take place at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention and Center from March 4 to 7, featuring the participation of over 900 international technology companies and 400 technology startups, and is expected to draw more than 172,000 visitors with a keen interest in the ICT sector.

This participation serves as a crucial opportunity to showcase cutting-edge innovations and advanced Bahraini technologies within various sectors, such as health, finance, energy, education, digital entertainment, transportation, and smart cities. Furthermore, it will spotlight the exceptional technical solutions, services, and products offered by these companies, underscoring the progress and leadership of Bahrain’s ICT sector.

BTECH emphasized that LEAP presents a valuable opportunity to unite Bahraini professionals in the ICT sector with global innovators, technical leaders, and experts. This platform serves as a means to explore fresh ideas, forge high-quality partnerships, and broaden professional networks. Participants can engage with experts and investors, discussing potential collaborations and funding opportunities. Additionally, they can leverage the wealth of knowledge offered through workshops, discussion sessions, and lectures presented during the exhibition, enhancing their expertise in the technical sector.

Mr. Tareq Fakhroo, Chairman of BTECH, underscored the strategic significance of BTECH’s participation in LEAP 2024, building on the successes of previous engagements at the event. These past involvements have proven pivotal in propelling Bahraini companies into new markets, positioning them as key players in the field of digital entrepreneurship and innovation. As a result, these endeavors have not only expanded market share but have also cultivated an environment conducive to growth and expansion.

Highlighting LEAP as the preeminent technology conference in the region, Mr. Fakhroo emphasized its role in providing unparalleled insights and cutting-edge content on pivotal technology topics. This, in turn, contributes to fortifying the IT industry in the Kingdom. He stressed that LEAP is a transformative opportunity for Bahraini technology firms to penetrate the Saudi market, capitalizing on shared experiences to elevate their competitiveness and establish Bahraini digital exports across local, regional, and global markets.

Mr. Fakhroo assured the readiness of “BTECH” to furnish comprehensive support, ensuring the seamless participation of Bahraini companies in the upcoming exhibition. He called on all companies operating in the ICT sector within the Kingdom of Bahrain, urging them to register for the Bahraini pavilion at LEAP 2024 to meticulously assess business prospects, refine growth strategies, explore investment opportunities, and uncover promising business prospects throughout the event.

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