Ebdaa Successfully Wraps Up University Internship Program

Ebdaa Microfinance Company has successfully concluded its practical training program for university students in collaboration with The Human Performance Improvement (HPI) training institute.

The month-long program engaged students from financial and banking sciences faculties across different universities in the Kingdom. This initiative reflects Ebdaa’s commitment to fulfilling its social responsibility by fostering the development of future leaders and preparing them for the challenges of the labour market. Through strategic programs and partnerships, Ebdaa aims to equip students with essential skills.

The program’s primary objective was to provide intensive practical training across various departments within the company, including accounting, financial management, Islamic banking, loan management, and finance. By immersing students in the company’s operations, the initiative aimed to familiarize them with the intricacies of working in both the company and the broader microfinance sector. The practical experience offered through the program is designed to empower students, enabling them to tap into their potential and enhance their prospects for future employment.

Dr. Khalid Al Ghazzawi, CEO of Ebdaa Bahrain Microfinance, emphasized that the this training program aimed to enhance the practical skills of university students aspiring to pursue a career in microfinance. He highlighted that this initiative aligns with the company’s enduring dedication to empowering youth and investing in promising local talents, showcasing its commitment to social responsibility.

Dr. Al-Ghazzawi underscored “Ebdaa’s” commitment to providing vocational training across various disciplines in collaboration with leading universities and institutes throughout the Kingdom. The goal is to equip students with the essential skills required for diverse job positions. Additionally, the company actively participates in career fairs to bolster career guidance for students and supports initiatives facilitating access to quality training opportunities, ensuring their readiness for promising job prospects.

Mrs. Zahra Al-Ashwal, Coordinator of Human Resources and Accounting at the Human Performance Improvement Institute, highlighted the program’s role, conducted in partnership with “Ebdaa,” in generating employment opportunities for the younger generation. She emphasized that it facilitates their seamless entry into the job market, armed with the knowledge and experience essential for success and advancement in their banking careers. This collaboration reflects a shared commitment to achieving tangible successes in the training field through their close partnership.

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