Ebdaa Empowered 9,800 Bahraini Women with 10 million BD in Soft Financing

Mrs. Mona Almoayyed, the Chairwoman of “Ebdaa” Bahrain Microfinance Company, stated that since its establishment in 2009 as a branch of the Arab Gulf Programme for Development “AGFUND” in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the company has provided approximately 10 million Bahraini dinars in soft financing to approximately 9,800 Bahraini women to establish microenterprises. She further expressed pride in the fact that some of these projects have grown, now employing dozens of individuals, while others have expanded to regional markets with their services and products.

During a statement made at a celebration organized by Ebdaa on Bahraini Women’s Day, Mrs. Almoayyed highlighted that women constitute 60% of the total workforce within the company, and they hold 45% of the positions on the Board of Directors. She emphasized the significance of supporting and appreciating Bahraini women, underscoring the crucial role played by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, the esteemed wife of the King and President of the Supreme Council for Women. Mrs. Almoayyed commended Her Highness’s dedication to ensuring the advancement of women in Bahrain, their active participation in society, and their increased contribution to the processes of development and national prosperity.

Dr. Khalid Al-Ghazzawi, the CEO of “Ebdaa” Company, emphasized that the celebration of Bahrain Women’s Day signifies the Kingdom’s leadership in empowering and advancing its women. He highlighted the favorable environment that Bahraini women enjoy, enabling them to harness their energies and contribute to the development process. He pointed out the distinguished presence of Bahraini women across various levels and fields, including microfinance, and elaborated that the proportion of Bahraini women within “Ebdaa” Bahrain is the highest among the nine branches of the AGFUND program in the region.

Underlining the company’s commitment to celebrating Bahraini Women’s Day, Dr. Al-Ghazzawi underscored the national responsibility towards Bahraini women, and  acknowledged their significant community participation, which has propelled national achievements and aligned with the comprehensive development goals of the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Furthermore,  Dr. Al-Ghazzawi highlighted that “Ebdaa” has been at the forefront, giving considerable attention to empowering Bahraini women, and this commitment is evident in the company’s efforts to attract talented women, provide job opportunities, and offer financial products supporting projects initiated by Bahraini women entrepreneurs.

During the ceremony, all female employees received souvenirs, and certificates of appreciation were awarded to those who had rendered long services exceeding five years. These certificates were presented by the company’s Human Resources and Training Officer, Mrs. Afnan Saqr, and the Credit Officer, Mrs. Fatima Kamal.

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