Dr. Showaiter Unveils Primary Health Care Centers’ Commitment to Top-Notch Dental Treatments!

During her speech at the closing ceremony of the eighth edition of the Bahrain International Dental Conference and Exhibition, Her Excellency Dr. Lulwa Showaiter, CEO of Primary Health Care Centers, emphasized the commitment of primary health care centers to deliver top-notch oral and dental treatments. She highlighted their focus on regular examinations, raising awareness, educating the public about best practices, and offering essential treatments.

Dr. Showaiter also emphasized the continuity of their referral system for specialized dental cases, ensuring that patients in need of specific expertise receive proper diagnosis and treatment from experienced specialists. She praised the dedication of the qualified medical team, emphasizing their efforts in providing preventive, curative, and awareness services to all members of society, and commended these outstanding efforts, aiming to enhance the competitive position of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of health services.

In her address, Dr. Showaiter emphasized the significance of the Eighth Bahrain International Dental Conference and Exhibition, highlighting its role as a gathering of leading experts and practitioners in the field of oral and dental health. She underscored the event’s value as a platform for exchanging ideas, innovations, and new research, paving the way for advancements in oral healthcare and the promotion of dental and gum health, Furthermore, she noted that the conference was strategically partnered with various organizations dedicated to elevating this essential specialty, ensuring the delivery of optimal dental services, and expressed her gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of this significant event, with special thanks to the BDA Center, the entity responsible for organizing the conference.

Dr. Mohammed Shahda, Chairman of the Eighth Bahrain International Dental Conference and Exhibition highlighted the conference’s significance, especially in the face of prevailing challenges within the health industry. He noted that the event occurred at a crucial juncture marked by rising healthcare costs, complications, and an increasing prevalence of chronic diseases. He emphasized the vital importance of collaboration and communication among all healthcare professionals and said that such cooperation was essential to enhance the quality of health services and ensure appropriate healthcare delivery to patients in the realm of dentistry and oral health.

“We take great pride in the diverse range of topics featured in this year’s eighth edition of the conference within the dental industry. We have extended invitations to some of the most distinguished speakers from around the world to share their valuable experiences and knowledge through panel discussions and workshops held during the conference. Our commitment lies in attracting the most skilled professionals and international experts each time we convene, ensuring that we present the latest developments and trends in the medical sector.”

According to Dr. Shahda.

The Eighth Bahrain International Dental Conference and Exhibition spanned over three days and featured the participation of several renowned international figures in the fields of dentistry and oral health. Its primary goal was to establish an international platform that would facilitate the gathering of experts, doctors, and professionals, enabling them to exchange knowledge and experiences. Attendees had the opportunity to stay updated on the latest studies, research, and advancements in the field of dentistry.

This year’s edition drew around 450 participants, offering a range of training courses and workshops, and the event included the presentation of scientific posters and student competitions, shedding light on the most recent studies and scientific research in both pediatric and adult dentistry.

Notably, the eighth edition received accreditation for 20 continuing medical education hours from the NHRA. In a first, the conference organizers decided to incorporate the color pink into its visual identity to promote awareness about the significance of gum health maintenance and the prevention of gum diseases.

The conference’s agenda featured various significant themes and topics in dentistry, such as contemporary diagnostic techniques and methodologies, developments in implant procedures, both fixed and removable prosthodontics, innovations in teeth whitening and smile aesthetics, disorders related to gum pain and inflammation, advanced dental restoration techniques, and the utilization of modern materials in prosthodontics. The agenda also addressed the specific needs of dentists in Bahrain, the Gulf, and the wider region.

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