Do you want to help your kids learn English during summer time?

Give your child the best summer experience with an exciting and unique one/two-week theme-based classroom course for ages 4/5/6 -17.

Kids will develop creativity, and life skills and build confidence for a global world!

Open to children of all ages, our English holiday courses have English skills at the core and are designed to strengthen your child’s written and verbal English through engaging games, challenges and projects.

So whether they’re trying out photography, crafting an animation masterpiece, expanding their understanding of the environment or exploring a virtual world, they’ll be acquiring key analytical, problem-solving and communication skills they will rely on throughout their lives.

British School Summer Camp is the perfect balance of learning, engagement, and fun. It is a chance for children to experiment, be creative, and build confidence in a low-stress, enjoyable learning environment.​


  • A unique holiday course that is creative, fun, interesting, and develops core skills that can fill time during holidays.
  • Literature-based lessons that improve language and communication skills and promote cultural understanding in students.
  • Allows students to take ownership of their learning and provide clear opportunities for students to practice language and develop skills. It will promote critical thinking, genuine communication, and real-world skills development through task-based learning.​
  • Students gain a real sense of progress by reflecting at the end of the lesson on their progress which is valuable for the student’s growth as well as for parents to keep track of their child’s progress.
  • The teachers will challenge and support learners according to their individual needs and interests.

All the reassurance of the British Council

All learning experiences with the world’s English experts come with an extra level of reassurance, from the quality of our internationally qualified teachers to the support and attention provided inside our safe, secure teaching environments. To learn more about the summer School programme, please visit: and choose your country.

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