Discover the ‘Five for Your Safety’: Key Safety Guidelines from the ‘Security at Gas Stations’ Initiative

The Joint Committee for Security and Safety, involving the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, the Civil Defence at the Ministry of Interior, and its strategic partners, has urged users of gas stations to actively participate in the Joint National Awareness Campaign for Security and Safety at Gas Stations for Summer 2023. The initiative aims to highlight the importance of strictly adhering to the provided security and safety guidelines, which are central to safeguarding both life and property.

The collaborative effort involves key partners, including the Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC), Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), and Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat). Slated to continue until September 25, 2023, the campaign sheds light on five pivotal practices and guidelines, especially during refuelling. These include reducing speed to 20 km/h when entering the station, remaining inside the vehicle, abstaining from smoking, switching off the engine, and securely closing the fuel tank.

Collective Responsibility

HE Saif Humaid Al Falasi, Group CEO of ENOC, emphasised that safety at gas stations is a collective responsibility, borne by both the users and the employees, adhering to the highest security and safety standards. Through the “Five for Your Safety” campaign, ENOC seeks to educate station users about practices and guidelines that bolster safety measures at these stations. Al Falasi further underscored the vital role each individual plays in collaborating with the relevant authorities and diligently adhering to safety directives and guidelines.

Since the campaign’s launch, it has significantly raised awareness among gas station users about safety protocols, especially the proper procedures to follow when refuelling. This initiative has notably improved users’ adherence to best practices during the fueling process.

Best Practices

For his part, Eng. Bader Saeed Al Lamki, Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC Distribution, said: “Educating UAE petrol station users on safety and security standards is a primary goal of our campaign. Our mission is to spread knowledge about the best practices to ensure safety during refuelling and the preventative measures to avert risks stemming from incorrect behaviour at the stations.

“ADNOC consistently prioritises the health and safety of its employees, customers, and infrastructure. In line with this, we relentlessly work both at the managerial and grassroots levels. Whether it’s by updating safety procedures and systems at gas stations regularly or disseminating informative and educational messages, our core aim remains the welfare and safety of the community.” Al Lamki added.

Promoting Safety

Meanwhile, HE Ali Khalifa Al Shamsi, Director General of Emirates General Petroleum Corporation (Emarat), stressed that Emarat is committed to backing initiatives and events rooted in social responsibility. “Emarat consistently lends its support to the joint national awareness campaign for security and safety at gas stations, recognising the campaign’s crucial role in enhancing safety measures and ensuring the well-being of individuals and their properties.

These objectives align prominently with our primary work goals and commitment to maintaining the utmost standards of health and safety. Emarat encourages community members to engage with the campaign and diligently follow the “Five for Your Safety” measures introduced this year, guaranteeing safety for all involved,” Al Shamsi said.

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