Diabetes is also one of the non-communicable disease

If the disease is not transmitted from one person to another by any means, such diseases are non-communicable diseases.For example: heart disease, vascular disease, diabetes and cancer are non-communicable diseases.

Such diseases can be caused by unhealthy eating habits,low physical activity, smoking or alcohol addiction, environmental pollution and genetics. Treatment of such diseases is difficult and expensive.These diseases can be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle during childhood and youth.If treated at the initial stage, such diseases can be cured.

               Diabetes is also one of the non- communicable disease.

Diabetes is discussed in detail below:-

Diabetes is a kind of non-communicable disease.Daibetes is a condition in which the level of glucose in the blood exceeds a certain level.Daibetes is also known as Suger disease.There are many glands in our human body.All the glands in the human body are doing their own work, among which the function of the pancreas glad is to produce insulin.Insulin breaks down glucose in the blood so that it can be absorbed by the body.Glucose cannot be absorbed when insulin production is low.

Which increases the blood glucose level. This condition is called diabetes.

Diabetes Day is celebrated on 

November 14.

Many people in the world are suffering from diabetes.The victims of this disease are more common in underdeveloped countries.Nowadays,many people are dying prematurely due to diabetes in this world.Especially in underdeveloped countries, the number of deaths is increasing.The risk of developing other diseases increases after the body has diabetes.Patients with diabetes mellitus are more likely to suffer from eyes diseases, heart diseases liver diseases and kidney diseases.Daibetes has been around for a long time, but in the current era, the incidence of this disease is more.This disease can affect people of any age.It is especially seen in people over 40years old.This disease is especially common in people who do not do physical work and are overweight. This disease is caused by unhealthy diet, obesity lack of physical exercise, genetics and other reasons.

There are many misconceptions about diabetes in our society.It is said that diabetes occurs only in fat people and not in thin people, but this is just an illusion.Daibetes is seen in 85% of obese people and 15%of thin people are also seen.But this disease is more complicated in thin people than in fat people.Some people have symptoms of diabetes, but 50%of diabetes do not have symptoms of diabetes.Daibetes can be diagnosed only by testing for this disease.

        According to the advice of a doctor, people of all age groups need to be tested for this disease at least once a year.Due to this, this disease can be easily detected in people and this disease can be diagnosed quickly.

The causes of diabetes are mentioned below:-

-Avoid physical exertion,

-Live an unhealthy lifestyle,

-Have too much mental stress,

-Genetic traits,

-Pancreas not functioning properly,

-Lack of physical exercise,

– Obesity in the body,

-Malnutrition can also be a cause of diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes:-

-People suffering from this disease will have more appetite,

-This patient is thirsty,

-Body weight loss,

-Frequent urination,

-Feeling tired,

-Itchy skin,

-Eye weakness,

-High blood glucose level,

-Tingling of arms, legs and body,

-To wither

-Wounds or injuries that do not heal for a long time,

The measures to avoid this disease have been mentioned as follows:-

-Regular physical exercise should be done.

-Fattty, sweet and spicy food should be eaten less.

-Wounds and injuries should be treated in time.

-You should be free from stress.

-Diabetes should be treated immediately.

    The main reason for writing about this disease is that many people are suffering from this disease in our society.Many people have died prematurely from this disease.Some people have cured the disease after curing it.Therefore,no one’s life should be harmed by this disease.After this disease is cured, let this disease be diagnosed in time.

Article by Krishnaa Kumari Thakur 

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