DERASAT and SCW to hold forum

The Sixth Annual Derasat Forum will convene on 14-15 June, under the theme ‘The Role of Women in Policy-Making, Think Tanks, and Research’ in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Women (SCW).

Representatives of international research centers, authorities, and organizations and several experts and journalists from various countries will participate in forum to discuss developments and dynamics associated with challenges and opportunities facing women in policymaking and think tanks.

Speakers include regional and global experts and policymakers, delegates from international organizations and global think tanks, researchers from the GCC, and women in top executive roles in think tanks and government organizations, to discuss the best methods toward developing and advancing women’s roles in all fields.

Participating organizations include UN-Habitat, The Atlantic Council, King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, Trends Research and Advisory in Abu Dhabi, World Health Organization, Kuwait University’s Women’s Studies and Research Center, Egypt’s National Council for Women (NCW),  UN Women Reginal Office for the Arab States, AUB’s Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs, International Institute for Strategic Studies, King Abdulla Petroleum Studies and Research Center, UN University for Peace in Geneva, and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.

The forum will highlight visions and perspectives to increase women’s participation in scientific research, bridging bridge the gender gap, and ensuring ensure gender equality balance in Policy-Making, Think Tanks, and Research in various fields, by demonstrating the significance of specific legislation scientific and occupational initiatives for scientific and occupational equality, besides as well as supporting women through adequate budgets to fulfill their scientific progress alongside their societal responsibilities, while applying the programs required to equally qualify women and men in all specialisms.

The Derasat Forum also draws attention to the value of national initiatives for women’s advancement, balancing gender work opportunities, discussing policies to enhance women’s roles and strategies to encourage career development and reaching leadership positions., besides women’s economic empowerment initiatives.

Moreover, the forum examines the impact of social dynamics on occupational and educational trends, future directions for GCC research and policies on emerging issues of interest, and the significance of international cooperation in research and policymaking.  The forum will stress such cooperation among countries and organizations by discussing the roles of experts, scientists, and researchers in forming overall policies and mechanisms for effective cooperation.

Furthermore, the forum will showcase fulfilled progress and assurances for equal women’s representation and fair opportunities, with emphasis on their policymaking perspectives, and presenting examples of the impact of women’s participation on policy results.  Additional topics include countering obstacles, delivering enhanced counseling, and offering cooperation in this sector.

This edition of the annual Derasat Forum complements the center’s previous activities and events that aim to highlight the Kingdom of Bahrain’s pioneering role in supporting and enhancing women’s roles and empowerment in various fields.

Experts specializing in the forum’s theme and interested in taking part can register by visiting the center’s website


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