Deloitte launches “Future of Government” to generate solutions that improve citizen’s lives

Deloitte Middle East announced the launch of the “Future of Government,” a think-tank to support governments to enhance their services and improve the lives of their citizens. The Deloitte initiative brings together the best government and digital transformation experts to re-imagine the future of governments in areas of finance, human resources, procurement, technology, and decision-making.

Muhannad Tayem, Government & Public Services Leader at Deloitte Middle East, said: “This think-tank aims to support governments in the region to channel their vision into practical pathways and solutions to improve the lives of their citizens. This in turn requires developing new ways of working, to re-imagine how processes and policies need to evolve with the accelerating rate of technological advancement, which will have a far-reaching impact in the society, the economy, and the planet.”

The “Future of Government” think-tank brings the best of Deloitte’s expertise, to pioneer the adoption of innovative emerging technology solutions that are tailored for different government needs. The think-tank will outline the roadmap that enables government to adopt new ways of working to continually innovate and stay ahead.

Faisal Darras, a partner at Deloitte Middle East, said: “Our government clients in the region want to lead the way on the latest technology and innovations that make a difference to their citizen’s lives. At Deloitte we look to provide solutions that enable government entities to extract the maximum value from the emerging technologies and by enhancing their cloud computing capabilities, which helps grow their efficiency and productivity.”

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