DANAT Celebrates Fatema Almahmood as the “Exceptional Young Employee”

The Bahrain Institute for Pearls and Gemstones (DANAT) recently honoured Fatema Almahmood as part of the “Exceptional Young Employee” initiative, a key component of the Youth Empowerment Committee’s efforts across both public and private sectors.

This initiative aims to spotlight outstanding young talents within organizations, fostering their growth and contribution while underscoring their leadership potential.

DANAT’s participation in this initiative underscores its commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the exceptional abilities of its young workforce at a local level. It reflects the institute’s confidence in Bahrain’s new generation and its determination to leverage opportunities that enable their integration into national initiatives. By harnessing their energy and talents, DANAT seeks to advance its vision and national agenda, particularly in reviving Bahrain’s pearl sector and positioning itself as a global leader in the extraction, trade, and evaluation of natural pearls.

Mrs. Noora Jamsheer, CEO of DANAT Institute, commended the significance of the “Exceptional Young Employee” initiative in fostering youth empowerment across both public and private sectors. She emphasized its pivotal role in showcasing the talents and capabilities of young individuals, translating their foundational skills into tangible contributions to national initiatives and projects aimed at bolstering Bahraini youth within the labor sector.

Moreover, Mrs. Jamsheer highlighted DANAT’s steadfast commitment to actively engage in initiatives and events that champion Bahraini youth, striving to elevate their achievements across various spheres.

“I commend the government’s dedication to nurturing Bahraini youth, empowering them, and honing their skills and competencies. This commitment significantly enhances Bahrain’s regional and international standing in supporting youth aspirations and fulfilling their ambitions. March 25th holds particular significance as a day for all institutions to celebrate the multitude of achievements by Bahraini youth across diverse sectors. It’s an opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to cultivating and developing youth potential, amplifying their role in societal advancement and development.” said Mrs. Jamsheer.

Recognizing the Institute’s young talents, the CEO of DANAT commended their exceptional skills and unique capabilities, highlighting their indispensable contributions to the Institute’s mission, plans, and programs. Mrs. Jamsheer reiterated the Institute’s unwavering commitment to nurturing Bahraini youth, strategically preparing them for success in the domain of pearls and gemstones through rigorous skill enhancement and integrating them into Institute events. Through strategic investment in the potential of its youth, DANAT ensures not only their individual success but also the collective advancement of the kingdom.

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