Cutting-Edge Technology showcased at KAIE-KPS Innovation Conference and Expo

Kanoo Automotive & Industrial Equipment (KAIE) and Kanoo Power Solutions (KPS), divisions of Ebrahim K. Kanoo (EKK), hosted the inaugural KAIE-KPS Innovation Conference, held at The Gulf Hotel Convention Centre. The conference featured a Mini Expo, providing a platform for the brands to showcase demos and engage in direct interactions.

EKK Head of Equipment and Power Solutions, Sudhindra Kalibhat said: “As our industry evolves, we recognize the importance of remaining at the forefront of innovation. This conference provides an essential platform for the brands, allowing them not only to demonstrate advanced technologies through live demos, but to also establish significant connections and partnerships. The interactive nature of the Mini Expo garnered positive feedback from all participants, as it facilitated seamless networking opportunities.”

The event was attended by 127 guests, including representatives from government organizations, ministries, and the private sector. Notable attendees included 14 principals from Japan, Germany, Italy, Greece, and Dubai, along with 17 KAIE and KPS engineers and management. Brands such as Butzbach, AL-KO, Teral, Rotair, Riello, Leoch, among others participated in the event.

Butzbach Head of International Sales, Markus Baur expressed his happiness with the event and the Mini Expo format, saying: “I believe this approach is the most effective way to promote our products, as it is a significant enhancement from the traditional exhibition route. It was a pleasure being with everyone in attendance.”

Bahrain Asphalt Establishment Procurement Manager, Sayed Adnan Alawi highlighted the variety of topics covered in the event’s sessions, ensuring the engagement of all the attendees, who benefited from the experience of the speakers. He thanked the organizers for providing valuable networking opportunities, wishing them further success in future events.

The day commenced with a welcome speech by EKK Chief Executive Officer, Mike Brightmore, followed by presentation sessions that included insights from the participating brands such as VISA SPA and ABB e-mobility, debuting in Bahrain’s market. During the conference, KPS was unveiled as the exclusive distributor of both brands in the Kingdom of Bahrain. KPS also highlighted its solar PV solutions, offered as part of its green energy services, in line with EKK’s sustainability strategy.

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