CSB issues instructions regarding practice licences for engineers

Shaikh Duaij bin Salman bin Duaij Al Khalifa, president of the Civil Service Bureau (CSB), issued edict (3) of 2023 regarding the necessary licences to practice engineering professions for engineers working in government entities, to whom the provisions of Law No. (51) of 2014 regarding regulating the practice of engineering professions apply.

The president said that government entities must coordinate with the Council for Regulating the Practice of Engineering Professions (CRPEP) to obtain initial approval for a practice licence  to each candidate separately.

The CSB must be with the required documents and the initial approval issued by the CRPEP, and to proceed with the procedures for recruiting candidates to fill engineering positions.

He added that an application to obtain a final licence to practice an engineering professions must be submitted to the CRPEP after recruiting the employee. Employees must not perform the tasks of engineering positions except after obtaining the licence.

The application must be submitted to obtain the license in accordance with the conditions and procedures stipulated in Article (6) of the Executive Regulations of Law (51) of 2014 regarding regulating the practice of engineering professions issued by Edict (27) of 2023.

The rights of employees in promotions or transfers to a higher level of employment may not be compromised if the government entities in which they do not apply for the required licence.

Government agencies must expedite the issuance of required licences to rectify the legal status of current employees.


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