Commvault Unveils Corporate Protection Solutions at NGN’s Pavilion!

Commvault, a leading provider of cyber resilience and data protection solutions for hybrid cloud organizations, recently participated in the pavilion of NGN, Bahraini IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company at the second edition of the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit. This summit, the largest of its kind in the region, served as a platform for collaboration within the established partnership between the two entities.

During its active participation, Commvault presented an extensive array of top-notch services, products, solutions, and programs designed to bolster cyber protection for enterprise and corporate clients. These offerings included the Commvault Cloud’s enterprise protection, self-recovery, and cyber resilience programs, as well as Metallic AI solutions geared towards fortifying enterprise responses to contemporary AI-powered cyber threats and breaches. Additionally, the company highlighted its backup, recovery, and data compliance solutions, emphasizing their significance in addressing storage challenges, reinforcing cyber defenses, and responding effectively to ransomware incidents.

Mr. Yaqoob Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN, said:

“By actively engaging in the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit, we express our commitment to fostering collaborative knowledge and expertise with our strategic partners. Our aim is to advance the development and deployment of cyber capabilities and solutions, thereby accelerating innovation within the cybersecurity and ICT sector services. Through our dedicated pavilion, we seek to establish a unified platform, spotlighting the latest technologies and solutions in the field of cybersecurity and the protection of digital systems. This endeavor underscores our position as one of the foremost cybersecurity companies in the region.”

Mr. Yahya Kassab Senior Director & General Manager for Commvault in GCC & Pakistan markets said:

“By dedicating ourselves to innovation, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, we take pride in deepening our partnership with NGN as the backup and recovery solutions partner during the second edition of the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit. This event stands as an optimal platform for industry leaders to convene, share insights, and collaboratively tackle the challenges that shape our digital security landscape.”

Mr. Kassab added: “In the contemporary digital landscape, the pressing demand for modern cyber resilience has reached unprecedented levels. The capability to swiftly recover from cyber-attacks is not merely a strategic advantage; it stands as a critical factor that can directly impact brand reputation and customer loyalty. Consequently, organizations must bolster their defenses with solutions and tools facilitating rapid recovery within a matter of hours. One such effective tool against ransomware and malicious cyberattacks is Commvault Cloud, complemented by Metallic AI. Commvault Cloud surpasses conventional standards, optimally empowering users, enabling organizations to predict threats more quickly, achieve efficient recoveries, and accelerate response times to emerging threats.”

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