CIBAFI Convenes Successful Online Strategic Session on Professional Development and Human Empowerment

The General Council for Islamic Banks and Financial Institutions, the global authority for Islamic financial institutions (IFIs), successfully conducted its online Professional Development and Human Empowerment Strategic Session. The session, titled “Empowering Professional Growth: Leveraging the Benefits of Technological Tools in Training Strategies” was organised in conjunction with the 22nd CIBAFI Accreditation Board (AcB) Meeting.

The session gathered a diverse group, including professional development experts, human resource executives, managers, and stakeholders. It focused on exploring new trends, especially the use of technological tools, that are essential for improving training methods and creating opportunities for professional growth.

Participants had discussions emphasising the crucial role of innovation and technology in making training more accessible. They exchanged insights on using advanced technologies to improve content creation, delivery methods, and training outcomes, thus preparing professionals to handle the changing needs of the industry.

CIBAFI Secretary General, Dr. Abdelilah Belatik, inaugurated the session, emphasizing the organisation’s dedication to fostering knowledge exchange and skill development in Islamic finance. His remarks highlighted the importance of collaboration in advancing professional development. Following Dr. Belatik’s address, the session commenced with an opening statement from Dr. Moahmmed Mustafa Shoaib, Supervisor of the Observatory of Fatwas, International Islamic Fiqh Academy (IIFA), Saudi Arabia, reinforcing the collective commitment to progress in this field.

Distinguished speakers, with expertise in training methodologies and technological innovations, led engaging discussions throughout the session. Topics included the role of innovation in improving training accessibility, showcasing real-world examples of cutting-edge training technologies, and practical approaches for seamless integration of technology into training initiatives. The panelists included Dr. Abdulbari Mashal, Managing Partner, Raqaba, USA; Dr. Lulwa AlMutlaq, Founder & President, Golden Trust, Kingdom of Bahrain; Dr. Atef Ismail, Training & Development Consultant, ICON Training Co., Saudi Arabia; and Dr. Mohamed Qalib, Deputy General Manager, Salaam Center for Training, Research and Consultancy, Djibouti and Somalia. The session was moderated by Mr. Majed Gharsalli, Head of Shariah Compliance and Audit, Zitouna Bank, Tunisia.

The session concluded with open discussion with participants, reinforcing the importance of collaborative efforts in advancing training development initiatives.

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