Chery showcases innovative eco-friendly products at Premium Fair

Chery showcased its eco-friendly products at the Premium Fair, part of the Chery International User Summit. Featuring displays across five distinct ecological product categories and encompassing more than 300 different products, the exhibition attracted over a thousand visitors.

The Premium Fair holds a central role within the Chery International User Summit. The exhibits recreated various lifestyle scenarios associated with automotive travel, such as camping and family gatherings in an immersive experience that allowed global users to engage in face-to-face interactions and gain a deep understanding of Chery’s commitment to user-driven innovation.

The event also introduced a range of innovative products, including intelligent lawnmowers, robot dogs, electric pedals, and car refrigerators. These not only provided scenarios and experiences of technologically advanced travel but also highlighted Chery’s collaborations with other tech brands. This partnership aims to enhance automotive travel in terms of technological intelligence within an ecosystem.

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