Chef Nirmal Pant elevated to Executive Chef of The Merchant House

The Merchant House is proud to announce the promotion of Chef Nirmal Pant to the position of Executive Chef. Since the hotel’s opening in 2018, Chef Nirmal has been an indispensable part of the five-star boutique hotel’s culinary journey, making significant contributions to elevate Indigo Terrace, the hotel’s multi-award-winning rooftop restaurant, to become one of Bahrain’s foremost gastronomic destinations.

Chef Nirmal’s ingenuity shines through his seasonal menus, which have enhanced The Merchant House’s food and beverage offerings. Notably, Chef Nirmal ingeniously revamped TMH’s Friday FAB Brunch, incorporating his unique versions of popular Mediterranean and international dishes, creating an unparalleled dining experience.

Moreover, he introduced the innovative B-lated breakfast programme, allowing guests to enjoy a special breakfast menu throughout the day, adding an extra touch of convenience and luxury to their stay.

Chef Nirmal also oversees the culinary delights of Cafe Gray, the lobby cafe, where his creative touch and dedication to excellence are evident in every dish. Furthermore, he played a pivotal role in the successful launch of ChocoLAB, the hotel’s latest endeavour, which has garnered immense popularity among both locals and foreign visitors.

Chef Nirmal’s passion for sustainability sets him apart as a visionary culinary professional. Under his leadership, the kitchen adopted the cutting-edge ROX electrolyzing sanitization technology, a chemical-free and water-efficient method for sanitizing food, kitchen equipment, and surfaces. By championing sustainability, Chef Nirmal not only showcases his commitment to the environment but also ensures the highest standards of hygiene and safety for all guests.

With Chef Nirmal Pant’s promotion to the position of Executive Chef, The Merchant House reaffirms its dedication to delivering unparalleled dining experiences and maintaining its status as a culinary destination of choice in Bahrain. Guests can look forward to even more innovative and delightful gastronomic journeys under his expert guidance and creativity.

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