Chef Jordi Battaler returns to Bahrain from Spain this weekend!

With a passion for cooking since he was a child, Chef Jordi would stick himself on the burner where food was prepared close to his grandma and mom, copying and collecting traditional Spanish recipes. Immerse in the Andalusian flavors and seasonings he grew up accustomed to becoming camouflaged with the environment. Amazed by the love of cooking,

Chef started his career as early as seventeen. “To make people happy is what cooking is all about” Chef Jordi Battaler Chef Jordi will be hosting a five-course set menu dinner for Bhd 25 net per person with soft beverages and Bhd 35 net per person with grape pairing on Friday, 29th September.

You can book in advance by calling +973 1717 1441 or WhatsApp +973 3350 2110 @salerobahrain @westinbahrain #spanishfood #salerobahrain #westinbahrain #spanishrestaurant #spanishrecipes #bahrain #bahrainfoodbloggersgroup #bahrainbloggers #bahrainfoodies

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