BTECH Board Deliberates GITEX Experience: Expertise and Accomplishments Reviewed!

The Board of Directors of the Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) convened a meeting at GITEX in Dubai, the world’s largest technology event, following their participation in the exhibition.

The purpose of the meeting was to assess the experiences gained from the Society’s involvement in the exhibition and explore ways to integrate these experiences into enhancing its operations. Additionally, the meeting focused on discussing the successful participation of “BTECH” in the exhibition, both at the Society and the broader Bahraini technical sector levels.

Held at the Bahraini pavilion within the exhibition, the Board members emphasized the significant benefits derived from their participation in GITEX this year. They highlighted the numerous opportunities it provided, enabling them to establish valuable partnerships and agreements that would facilitate the development of the Society’s business model and expansion into new markets. These opportunities were a result of their exposure to cutting-edge technological solutions showcased during the exhibition and their interactions with investors, experts, and customers throughout the event.

They highlighted that “BTECH’s” participation experienced remarkable success, capturing the attention of attendees and participants. This was attributed to the Kingdom of Bahrain’s esteemed reputation as an attractive hub for technical investments and digital transformation, backed by its advanced global digital infrastructure. Furthermore, they emphasized that the Society’s organization of the International Business Hub, uniting leaders from the global technology sector, significantly contributed to its success, impressing all parties involved.

Mr. Tareq Fakhroo, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BTECH, expressed his pride in the achievements at GITEX this year. He stated, “We take pride in our accomplishments at GITEX this year, where we explored the latest technical innovations and international cooperation opportunities in the technical field. We are committed to leveraging our acquired experience in developing the ICT industry in the Kingdom of Bahrain to benefit Bahraini technology companies. This underscores the strategic steps outlined in the Kingdom’s technology sector plan, thanks to its forward-thinking government.”

Mr. Fakhroo added “Based on these valuable experiences, we reiterate our commitment to ongoing participation in such international events. We recognize their significance in bolstering our capabilities and leveraging the networking opportunities they offer. These exhibitions align with our objectives of strengthening the supportive entrepreneurship ecosystem for the burgeoning ICT sector and enable us to spotlight the Bahraini tech industry and inspire Bahraini entrepreneurs to embark on their tech ventures.

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