BRCS Takes Center Stage at Saudi Emergency Medical Services Conference

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) actively participated in the Saudi Emergency Medical Services Conference hosted by the Saudi Red Crescent Authority in Riyadh.

The event, attended by approximately 190 national societies globally as well as local and international relief and humanitarian organizations, saw representation from BRCS through Dr. Fawzi Amin, a Board Member, Mrs. Fathia Al-Toublani, the Head of the Disaster Management Team and Vice Chairman of the First Aid Committee, and Mr. Ahmed Ayman from the Society’s Administrative Staff.

During the conference, the BRCS delegation actively engaged in discussion sessions held as part of a first aid exhibition organized alongside the main event. These sessions featured distinguished speakers from the global first aid community and covered crucial topics including pre-hospital cardiac arrest and breathing techniques, the integration of modern technologies in neurological protection during cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and effective disaster planning in ambulance services.

During a workshop titled “First Aid and Ambulatory Services for Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies,” Mrs. Fathia Toublani delivered a presentation on providing specialized first aid training for individuals with visual impairments, showcasing her successful experience in designing innovative training programs tailored for this group. She also shared best practices in administering first aid to blind individuals.

Mrs. Al-Toublani actively participated in various workshop topics, including first aid and health priorities in the Asia-Pacific region, first aid services for National Societies, crisis and disaster response mechanisms, the latest scientific developments and references in emergency and health sectors, and strategies for extending health services to remote areas and specific target groups.

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