BRCS : Prominent role for Bahrain in relief and humanitarian work

Mr. Mubarak Al-Hadi, the Secretary-General of the Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS), emphasized the vital significance of Bahrain’s contributions in the field of humanitarian aid and relief efforts both within and beyond its borders. He highlighted the Kingdom’s active engagement with numerous organizations and entities within the global International Red Crescent and Red Cross Movement, underlining its crucial role in extending support to individuals and populations adversely affected by conflicts, natural disasters, and crises across various global regions.

Mr. Al-Hadi affirmed the Kingdom of Bahrain’s commendable track record in fostering human solidarity, reinforcing bonds of kinship, and bolstering unity with neighboring and friendly nations. On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, he stated that the Bahrain Red Crescent Society is diligently engaged in delivering humanitarian relief to those in need within Bahrain as well as abroad. He emphasized the society’s significant involvement in accumulating civilian contributions and channeling them towards aiding earthquake survivors in Syria through a relief campaign.

Moreover, the society’s notable role came to light in its generous donation of $100,000 along with tangible medical and food assistance aimed at aiding the Sudanese population. This assistance was prompted by the dire circumstances that rendered thousands homeless and desperate for support.

Mr. Al Hadi also highlighted the Society’s efforts in responding to international appeals put forth by global relief organizations. These efforts aim to provide assistance to those impacted by conflicts, wars, and natural disasters. In this context, he emphasized the Bahrain Red Crescent’s dedication to nurturing purposeful humanitarian endeavors that showcase the finest qualities of Bahraini youth in terms of empathy, values, and principles. This is achieved through active participation in volunteer initiatives and demonstrating solidarity with fellow human beings across the world.

“The essential foundations that form the basis of humanitarian endeavors on a global scale ought to be firmly grounded in principles like tolerance, coexistence, peace, and the sense of interconnectedness among humanity. It is imperative that we recognize the significance of nurturing mutual comprehension, open dialogues, and joint initiatives among individuals.” According to Mr. Al Hadi.

“We earnestly call upon societies and communities across the world to amplify the importance and core essence of hands-on humanitarian work. This encompasses a dedicated commitment to respecting others, promoting collaboration, and actively participating in collective undertakings. Furthermore, I emphasize the urgency of fortifying the bonds of human solidarity, built upon ethical standards, empathy, and the principle of equality.”

Mr. Al Hadi highlighted that the occasion of World Humanitarian Day presents a prime occasion to assess the accomplishments of the Kingdom of Bahrain in this immensely crucial domain, particularly in a world confronted with ongoing challenges. This situation consistently demands the consolidation of endeavors, perspectives, and genuine aspirations, all aimed at upholding human principles that advocate for unity among individuals. This unity stands as a steadfast response to disasters, emphasizing the principles of tolerance, coexistence, and peace.

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