BRCS Ignites Humanitarian Excellence with Cutting-Edge Capacity Building Program

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) coordinated a capacity building program for humanitarian work presented by Ms. Huda Al-Khawaja, Consultant for the Society for Capacity Building and Development. The program encompassed several key areas, with the primary aim of enhancing the efficiency and productivity of volunteers in delivering humanitarian services.

One of the program’s core focuses was to bolster the capabilities of voluntary committee leaders within the Society, encouraging their continued participation and effective leadership in national, local, and international humanitarian operations, aligning with the Society’s objectives.

Additionally, the program placed significant emphasis on training volunteers in essential domains such as planning, organization, time management, communication, and problem-solving. Moreover, it addressed the technical and practical aspects related to healthcare, effective response, and the cultivation of communication and social skills. The overarching goal was to empower volunteers to engage in a professional manner with beneficiaries and fellow humanitarian workers.

The program has been tailored to cater to volunteers of all backgrounds and proficiency levels, whether they are novices or experienced individuals engaged in humanitarian work within the Society’s committees. Its ultimate goal is to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver effective and high-quality humanitarian services. To ensure optimal outcomes and successful attainment of program objectives, innovative and interactive training methods have been employed in its organization.

Mrs. Huda Al-Khawaja further elucidated the program’s objectives, emphasizing its aim to enhance and cultivate the capabilities of humanitarian workers while improving the quality of services provided to the community. The program underscores the importance of training and continuous development for all personnel associated with the organization. It represents a valuable opportunity to enhance personal, social, and professional skills and capabilities for all members of the Society. Mrs. Al-Khawaja emphasized that the training program is part of a broader series of initiatives and programs implemented by the Society. These efforts are geared towards enhancing humanitarian capabilities, improving work efficiency, and fostering a spirit of volunteerism and humanitarianism among the participants involved in the program.

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