BRCS Elevates Member Experience with Exclusive Social and Training Program

The Bahrain Red Crescent Society (BRCS) organized a comprehensive social and training initiative for its members at a camp in Sakhir.

The program encompassed competitive events, recreational and sports activities designed to hone the expertise of members and volunteers in the field of relief and humanitarian efforts. The overarching goal was to refine their experiences, foster integration, and promote a sense of unity within the team.

Moreover, the program featured educational sessions facilitated by the First Aid Committee of the Society. Participants delved into first aid skills and learned the proper protocols for handling emergency situations. The trip encompassed diverse training and recreational activities, including instructing volunteers in emergency response, swift intervention, psychological support, fire management, and environmental awareness. Additionally, the itinerary included sports activities, competitions, and the chance to earn prizes.

Mr. Mubarak Al Hadi, the Secretary-General of the Bahrain Red Crescent, emphasized that this camp is part of a comprehensive series of courses and camps strategically organized by the Red Crescent. These initiatives are designed to be recurrent, aligning with the organization’s policy to attract more volunteers and enhance their capabilities and skills, with a particular focus on the youth. The objective is to channel their energy towards humanitarian endeavors while also updating the skills and experiences of existing volunteers.

Mr. Al Hadi highlighted the Red Crescent’s unwavering commitment to conducting essential training and educational activities throughout the year. This ongoing effort aims to elevate the proficiency of volunteers, furnishing them with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise necessary for the optimal execution of their humanitarian and relief responsibilities.

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