BRAVE CF, the sporting crown jewel of Bahrain

Throughout the last years, BRAVE Combat Federation has positioned itself as the most global MMA organization in the world. But its impact over the world has also been heard in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where the vision of His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa has positioned the Kingdom on top of the MMA world. But it has also meant that a Bahraini brand was on top of a sport, an incredible feat for the island.

BRAVE CF, the sporting crown jewel of Bahrain, is the biggest sports brand founded in the Gulf region, the largest exported brand of Bahrain, the biggest global exposure brand for the Kingdom. It is also the largest media property in the country, the strongest vehicle for bilateral relationships and has set records as Bahrain’s most viewed sporting brand on digital media.

The records keep piling up and the work of His Highness Shaikh Khaled bin Hamad Al Khalifa continues to change lives in and out of Bahrain, with BRAVE CF now in prime position to continue to take the country’s flag to all corners of the world and to the highest position in combat sports. The recent collaboration forged with the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) makes BRAVE CF the only Bahraini organization to have a working partnership with the international federation of a sport.

Aside from that, Bahrain has also been recognized on continental and international levels through MMA. The president of the Bahrain MMA Federation, Mohammed Qamber, also serves as the first Asian MMA Federation president, one of two Bahraini representatives in charge of a continental federation in a sport.

Not only that, but the Bahrain MMA Federation operations team has excelled in providing the highest level of organization to international events in the Kingdom as has been called upon to work in two other continents, providing their world-class expertise in Europe (Serbia) and South America (Colombia).

MMA continues to be a source of pride for the Kingdom on a results level, as well. Team Bahrain became the number one-ranked team in amateur MMA, a feat that has never been achieved before by any other Bahraini national team. Bahraini athletes are ranked at the top of male and female divisions, and Team Bahrain has won more than 100 medals at IMMAF level, including several world championships in both male and female divisions.-

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