Body Works Launches New Diamond Cut Wheel Repair Service

Stemming from its constant commitment to provide topnotch products and services to its clients, Body Works has recently launched a new wheel repair service, comprising a qualitative addition to its first-rate line of equipment. The step comes to cement the leading position Body Works occupies as one of the top accident repair and body modification facilities in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Operated by skilled technicians to offer customers the best results available on the market, the fully automated CNC Wheel Machines and Repair Systemsprovide the highest quality finish and the quickest turnaround time for alloy wheel restoration.

From HBC, the global market leader and manufacturer of smart repair, the automated CNC wheel machine technology and intuitive software solutions ensure fast hassle-free repairs. From minor refurbishment due to curb damage, corrosion, or typical wear and tear – to complete wheel overhaul, the equipment provides fast, professional repairs that restore original shine.

The WR-DCM3 is the latest technology for repairing diamond cut wheels. The wheel lathe cutting machine provides unmatched precision and accuracy, engineered to make micromillimeter adjustments to damaged diamond-cut alloy wheels while preserving their structural integrity. Moreover, the intuitive step-by-step software and laser sensor ensure fast factory finish repairs without having to remove the tyre first.

Meanwhile, the WM600 wheel painting machine is capable of painting both sides of a wheel from start to finish. Utilising a regular spray gun or an aerosol, the machine eliminates any inconsistencies during the painting process with a footprint identical to that of the WR-DCM3, allowing it to paint wheels from 13 all the way up to 22 inches. Infra-Red and Ultraviolet lamps provide optimal curing conditions to guarantee a flawless finish every single time.  

Body Works was launched in 2015 to become the first industrial project of its kind and scale. It provides higher standards of repair and modification and excellent services for customer satisfaction. Body Works sets itself apart from its competitors by offering the best quality and warranty for its products, while promising the best finish through a completely machine-tooled process.

For more information, visit Body Works on Almoaskar Road, Riffa. For quotes and appointments, visit or call/Whatsapp +973 17705000.

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