BIBF and Eskan Bank successfully conclude Design Thinking Forum

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) and Eskan Bank successfully concluded the Design Thinking Forum, attended by over 400 dignitaries, executives, and business experts from various sectors, both physically and virtually.

The forum was held in the main conference hall at the institute’s headquarters in Bahrain Bay, to exchange ideas and experiences, discuss the future of design thinking, and enhance the culture of innovation in the business sector to achieve sustainable economic growth in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Amna bint Ahmed Al Rumaihi, Minister of Housing and Urban Planning and Chairperson of Eskan Bank, highlighted the concept of design thinking and promoting a culture of innovation in business sectors to achieve sustainable economic growth.

She pointed out that creativity and innovation are vital concepts for the progress of societies and the economy.

The minister also said that creativity refers to the ability to produce new and unique ideas, methods, and products, while innovation stimulates the practical application of creative ideas and the development of products and services. It also pointed to the pillars on which innovation is based in improving the production process or business development and opening new horizons for success.

The forum hosted an elite group of senior decision makers, thought leaders and experts from various sectors to exchange experiences and discuss the most prominent opportunities offered by design thinking concepts in driving sustainable economic growth. Executive workshops and discussion sessions were also held to provide learning experiences and explore the transformative potential of innovation. The forum also addressed important topics, including the basic principles of design thinking, studying the effects of digital innovation, and directing design thinking towards promoting a sustainable future.

During the forum, speakers presented innovative solutions and strategies to contribute to achieving sustainable business growth, discussed design thinking approaches and applications at the local and global levels, and presented how organizations can benefit from design thinking concepts.

Al Rumaihi praised the introduction of these concepts and the creation of a platform for exchanging the best experiences and knowledge to enhance the expertise of innovators of solutions, services, and products, by employing technological techniques to enhance sustainability in business sectors.

Dr. Khalid Abdulla, General Manager of Eskan Bank, stressed the importance of this forum and expressed his pride in cooperating with the BIBF to launch this forum, as it is one of the most prominent training institutions that supports and encourages innovation.

He also added, “This forum reflects the Eskan Bank’s commitment in recognising on the latest developments and conveying them to the wider public to stimulate and promote sustainable solutions in various sectors in the Kingdom.

Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh, Chief Executive Officer of the BIBF, praised the ongoing cooperation between the institute and Eskan Bank in organising events and conferences at the national level, and its focus on sustainability and creativity.

“We always strive to work on presenting creative principles and solutions, to support various businesses and stimulate creative thinking.” Which contributes to finding appropriate solutions for various aspects of business, and harnessing technology to improve various business systems,” Al Shaikh added.

The forum included presentations, creative ideas and recommendations on the importance of following business strategies that focus on achieving goals in innovative ways and finding solutions that represent a more sustainable approach to various businesses.

The forum provided a starting point for providing practical experiences to support the shift towards digital innovation and design thinking and to exchange ideas about more sustainable options to benefit Economical for business.


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