BENEFIT successfully hosts Juniors Day event

BENEFIT, the Kingdom’s innovator and leading company in Fintech and electronic financial transactions service, organized a special Juniors Day event at its premises. The event presented an exceptional opportunity for children ages 6-12 to explore several professional tasks throughout BENEFIT’s multiple divisions, with the aim of stimulating creativity, learning, and career development.

The Juniors Day program featured an engaging schedule consisting of interactive activities. Participants were exposed to a variety of stations aimed at providing hands-on experience and cultivating an innovative mindset. Among the stations included Juniors’ Office, Juniors’ Customer Service, Juniors’ Inspection, Juniors’ Innovation, Juniors’ Bank, Juniors’ Kitchen, Juniors’ Cafe, Juniors’ Studio, and Juniors’ Play Area.

The initiative provided young participants with an exciting and diverse experience, fostering their interests and cultivating their skills for future success. Participants performed roles, including CEOs, Business Managers, and Production Managers, acquiring practical expertise in product design, implementation, and marketing. A Customer Service program was incorporated in the initiative, which provided students with key interpersonal and customer service skills. They connected with clients in real-world situations, improving their ability to deliver excellent experiences. The Inspection station taught children about ensuring a clean workstation by assessing employee adherence to the Clean Desk Policy, which promotes accountability and cleanliness. The Innovation station focused on game coding, inspiring creativity and enabling core programming abilities.

Furthermore, the Juniors’ Bank program exposed participants to financial management by teaching them how to set up a virtual bank account, laying the groundwork for responsible money management. The Kitchen and Cafe stations featured interactive culinary and hospitality experiences. Children learned about nutrition, food preparation, customer service, teamwork, and business management.

Hessa Husain, Assistant General Manager – Bahrain Credit Reference Bureau at BENEFIT, commented, “At BENEFIT, we are committed towards nurturing fresh talent and establishing a culture of growth and development. Our Juniors Day event provides a platform for kids to experience various professions and stimulate their drive for creativity. Seeing their endless imagination and passion brings me great pride and hope for the future. We seek to empower the future generation by providing them with vital skills, knowledge, and opportunities that will mold them into tomorrow’s leaders and innovators through such programs. Initiatives like these reflect our dedication to fostering our youth’s growth and success.”

The Juniors Day initiative emerged from a partnership between BENEFIT’s Equal Opportunity Committee and the BENEFIT Social Committee. This collaborative endeavor strives to foster an atmosphere in which diversity and equal opportunity are embraced, and staff and their families are presented with rewarding experiences.

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