BDF General Command opens enrollment for Bahraini women to reserve force

The Bahrain Defense Force (BDF) General Command opened the door for Bahraini women to volunteer in the reserve force. Therefore, applicants should register on BDF website using the following link:, if they meet the following conditions:

Applicants must be Bahraini nationals, aged between 18 and 55, have good conduct and have not been convicted for a felony or a misdemeanor that breaches honor or trust, medically fit for military service in the reserve force and successfully pass the medical examination prescribed according to the BDF military medical committees. The age limit does not apply to technicians and specialists.

The BDF General Command affirmed that contributing to the protection of the homeland and maintaining its security, stability and territorial integrity is a sacred national duty and an honor for citizens. The Reserve Force Law, promulgated by Decree-Law (5) of 1987 and the regulations and instructions issued pursuant thereto, regulates all rights and duties of the Reserve Force as an auxiliary force for BDF and guarantees the benefits and entitlements that result from that.


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