Bapco Energies signs MoU with Salmaniya Medical Complex to Support Access to Essential Medical Screenings

Bapco Energies, the integrated energy company leading the energy transition in the Kingdom of Bahrain, has signed an MoU with Bahrain’s government hospitals represented by Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC). This partnership aims to support members of the community in accessing essential medical screenings, particularly those pertaining to breast cancer and colorectal issues.

Under the terms of the MoU, Bapco Energies has committed to sponsor 140 mammogram and 70 colonoscopy screenings for patients of Salmaniya Medical Complex. This initiative underscores Bapco Energies’ commitment to community engagement and the advancement of health initiatives. The screenings are scheduled to be conducted at Awali Hospital, a state-of-the-art subsidiary of Bapco Energies, ensuring expert medical support and the highest standard of care.

The MoU, signed by Mr. Mark Thomas, Group Chief Executive Officer, Bapco Energies, and Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Ansari, CEO of Government Hospitals, in the presence of Dr. Tareq Hameed, Chief Medical Officer of Awali Hospital, and a number of officials from Bapco Energies and the hospital.

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Mark Thomas, Group Chief Executive Officer at Bapco Energies, emphasized the significance of undertaking substantial and progressive measures to improve societal well-being and align with the company’s institutional values. The commitment involves making a beneficial difference in the lives of individuals and their families through the establishment of partnerships with government hospitals. The objective is to exchange resources, expertise, and knowledge, resulting in a suite of services that can effectively address healthcare issues and facilitate access to essential medical examinations.

He stated, “Through this partnership, we are committed to offering essential screenings for the early detection of breast cancer and colorectal issues. The goal is to alleviate the burden on the largest medical complex in the Kingdom and ensure swifter access to crucial medical services for diverse segments of society.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Al Ansari, CEO of Government Hospitals, commended Bapco Energies’ initiative to support specific facilities and services at Salmaniya Medical Complex. He stated, “Our partnership with Bapco Energies will enhance the services offered to patients of government hospitals and is seen as a tangible manifestation of the community partnership between the health sector and various development sectors in the Kingdom of Bahrain. This collaboration is crucial for achieving the nation’s desired goals and aspirations.”

Through this partnership, Bapco Energies aspires to instill hope and make a profound and positive difference in community healthcare by providing prompt access to vital screenings. The goal is to provide patients with better treatment opportunities, reduce complications, and contribute to lowering healthcare costs.

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