Bapco and HH Shaikh Nasser Center for AI Research and Development cooperation in AI

Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) a subsidiary of the group Bapco Energies, inaugurated in collaboration with His Highness Shaikh Nasser Center for Research and Development in Artificial Intelligence two projects aimed at raising operational efficiency in various operations and upgrading staff capabilities, in line with the of the Energy Sector Transformation Plan in Bahrain.

The collaboration led to the creation of the Machine Learning Platform and Steam Pressure Prediction Project, enabling employees to utilize (Artificial Intelligence) AI techniques and predict vapor pressure in company systems.

These projects contribute to improving the efficiency of Bapco’s operations reducing its costs and helping to develop the capabilities of employees and provide them with the necessary skills to deal with these smart technologies.

Within the cooperation between the Nasser Center and Bapco Company, Bapco employees participated in the renewable energy and advanced technologies conference in China, in cooperation with the Chinese Embassy in Bahrain.

 Dr. Abdulla Nasser Al Noaimi, Chief Executive Officer of Nasser Vocation Training Centre (NVTC) affirmed that the cooperation with Bapco aims to develop AI technologies that contribute to achieving the goals of sustainable development in Bahrain.

The center seeks to upgrade the capabilities of employees and provide them with the necessary skills to deal with AI technologies, he said.

 Dr. Abdulrahman Jawahery, CEO of Bapco underlined that the company continuous plans to building capacity, enhance their skills in various fields, and enable them to find innovative solutions by employing AI techniques, with the aim of increasing efficiency, enhancing productivity, and keeping pace with future aspirations.


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