Bahrain’s two-month outdoor afternoon work ban begins today

Bahrain’s two-month ban on outdoor work during the afternoon begins today, Saturday, July 1.

The ban on work under direct sunlight and in open places will run from midday until 4 pm, the Ministry of Labour said.

The aim is to protect workers and ensure their safety from heat stress, sunstroke and various summer diseases, and to reduce occupational accidents during the hottest months of the year.

On the occasion, Labour Minister, Jameel bin Mohammed Ali Humaidan, stressed the importance of applying the principles and requirements of occupational safety in order to ensure a safe, accident-free and productive work environment.

He indicated that the Labour Ministry’s specialised teams will carry out field visits and inspection campaigns to ensure full compliance with the provisions of Edict (3) of 2013 on banning work in open areas in July and August.

The minister called on employers to continue their annual commitment to implementing the edict in order to preserve the safety and health of workers and to take all organisational measures, including the rescheduling of working hours in a way that does not affect the progress of their work, highlighting the humanitarian and economic dimensions of the edict.

Article (192) of Law 36 of 2012 promulgating the Labour Law in the Private Sector stipulates that a jail term not exceeding three months, and/or a BD500-BD1000 fine, shall be the penalty inflicted on violators.


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