Bahrain’s first Psychiatry Conference to be held in October

Dr. Raja Sayed Hasan Al Yusuf, Chief of Internal Medicine Services and Chairman of the Bahrain Psychiatry Conference, affirmed that the first Bahrain Psychiatry Conference will be in October.

Dr. Al Yusuf highlighted that Bahrain has a successful record of organizing large medical conferences that highlight its achievements in the medical sector.

She added that Bahrain has proven its competence in the field through its strategic future vision, especially in combating the Coronavirus pandemic, as it had set the best examples of how to deal with this virus and respond to it successfully.

Dr. Al Yusuf said that the conference work team would carry out its tasks in the coming days by selecting speakers and participants that are experts, academics and consultants from different countries of the world, indicating that the committee is keen to select the best medical competencies in order to have the conference in the best way possible.

She praised the efforts of Government Hospitals in containing the goals set by organising the conference through directives and continuous follow-up from the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) and the Government Hospitals Board of Trustees.

She added that the organising committee will announce all aspects that would be covered in the conference during the coming period, in addition to forming scientific, organisational, and other working committees.


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