Bahrain’s BRAVE CF reiterates leadership role in Asian MMA, confirms first show in China

Bahrain Sporting Jewel BRAVE Combat Federation, widely considered as the most global MMA organization in the world, has announced a historic debut event in China, scheduled for August 9, in Zhengzhou, in association with WLF (YFU).

The event in China marks a major milestone for BRAVE Combat Federation, as it will be the 33rd country to host a BRAVE CF event. China will also become the 13th Asian nation to hold a BRAVE CF show.

In 2024, BRAVE CF has already extended one world record and broken another with events in Mauritius and the Netherlands. Mauritius became the 31st host country, while the Netherlands was the 32nd host nation globally and the 14th European nation to welcome the organization – both records unmatched by any other MMA organization.

The event in China will once again cement BRAVE CF’s position as the most global MMA organization in the world and will see BRAVE CF empowering the MMA scene in China replicating the successful model that the organization has implemented around the world since its inception in 2016.

The event in China furthers BRAVE Combat Federation’s vision for the sport in the region and consolidates its position as the largest market share holder in the Asian Mixed Martial Arts market.

Outside of having hosted events in 12 Asian countries (soon to be 13), BRAVE CF has also hosted events in the following Asian regions: Middle East, South Asia, South-East Asia, Central Asia and Far-East Asia; a list that showcases the true reach of the most global organization in MMA.

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