Bahrain’s BRAVE CF and Airtel TV partner to provide MMA contents to over 60 million Subscribers in Nigeria!

On its quest for global expansion, BRAVE Combat Federation has transcended continents, captivating audiences from Europe to Asia and beyond, showcasing some of the finest fighters in the world. Now, the time has come to push the boundaries even further and ascend to new heights. BRAVE CF, the first-ever international MMA promotion to host electrifying events in Africa, formed a groundbreaking alliance with Airtel, one of the continent’s top telecom giants, based in Nigeria.

As part of this collaboration, Airtel TV’s subscriber base will gain access to an adrenaline-pumping spectacle like no other. It will be 50 of the most epic BRAVE fights made available on the digital platform, bringing the explosive action right to their fingertips. But that’s not all, Airtel is committed to, alongside BRAVE CF, foment the development of mixed martial arts in Nigeria, investing its marketing prowess to reinforce the sport’s reach in the region.

The partnership between BRAVE CF and Airtel TV is supported by the Nigerian Mixed Martial Arts Federation (NMMAF), the governing body of MMA in the country recognized by the IMMAF, and CLOUD9, Brave CF’s  partners in Nigeria, a team of industry leaders promoting a sport value chain in MMA.

BRAVE CF president Mohammed Shahid says, “This partnership is a perfect match between the most global mma organisation in the world and the largest teleco brand in Africa.

BRAVE CF is the biggest mma development program in Africa, from hosting events to giving global platforms to talents.

Now together with Airtel and the (federation) we will bring global mixed martial arts content to Millions of fans in Nigeria and also bring the fast growing MMA community to Airtel.

A partnership that will bring a new age of MMA in Nigeria.”

Chief Commercial Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Femi Oshinlaja, said that the collaboration between Airtel TV and BRAVE CF is designed to add more value to Airtel TV’s entertainment offerings and also expand BRAVE CF’s reach as a leading mixed martial arts promotion in Africa. 

We are thrilled to join forces with BRAVE CF, the fastest-growing mixed martial arts organization in the world. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to enhancing the entertainment choices for our valued subscribers. By providing exclusive combat sports content, we aim to take Airtel TV to new heights and deliver unparalleled entertainment experience.” Oshinlaja said. 

As BRAVE CF continues to make progress, and with the increasing focus on the digitalization of sports across the globe, the future looks promising and fans in Nigeria will be able to witness it in first hand on Airtel TV.

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