Bahraini Women’s Impact Shines on Global Tourism Scene: Amralla

Ali Amralla, CEO of Visit Bahrain, a prominent destination management company headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, emphasized the pivotal role that Bahraini women play in the development and revitalization of the tourism sector. He highlighted their significant contributions to placing the Kingdom of Bahrain prominently on the global tourism map and underscored the valuable role they play in enhancing the sector’s sustainability. Additionally, he acknowledged the merit of Bahraini women’s competencies in shouldering major national responsibilities, contributing to the nation’s prosperity, and realizing the tourism strategy plan for the years 2022-2026.

On the occasion of Bahraini Women’s Day, Mr. Amralla stated that Bahraini women have been instrumental in various capacities, serving as ministers, hotel managers, employees, entrepreneurs, and investors within the tourism industry. He noted their leadership roles in travel agencies and airlines, as well as their emergence in tourism guidance. Furthermore, he highlighted their success stories, citing their ability to establish high-level tourist facilities such as restaurants, and tour operators among other sectors.

Mr. Amralla said: “Bahraini women have successfully established a strong presence in the field of tourism, owing to the unwavering national commitment to empower women. This accomplishment is attributed to the significant role played by the Supreme Council for Women, led by Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, the wife of His Majesty the King (may God protect her). The Council has been instrumental in supporting, empowering, and advancing Bahraini women within an environment that prioritizes their needs and promotes gender balance.”

In addition, Mr. Amralla commended the relentless efforts and high-quality initiatives and programs led by the Ministry of Tourism and the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority. These efforts aim to seamlessly integrate women into the tourism sector, offering robust support to the national female workforce in tourism and travel. Furthermore, he acknowledged their encouragement of sector establishments to establish environments conducive to attracting more Bahraini women, thereby ensuring the sustainability of their professional growth and career development.

Mr. Amralla lauded the tourism strategy’s directives to boost both the quantity and quality of Bahraini women’s involvement in the sector, advocating for equal opportunities. He emphasized the collaborative efforts between the Ministry of Tourism and the Supreme Council for Women to capitalize on available opportunities, intensifying measures, and incentives for women to excel in diverse roles within the promising tourism sector.

Expressing his company’s unwavering commitment, Mr. Amralla pledged to continue supporting Bahraini women, fostering their representation through strengthened cooperation, encouraging women entrepreneurs, and actively investing in opportunities for students, graduates, and businesswomen within the tourism industry.

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