Bahraini company to Launch Trailblazing International Business Hub at GITEX 2023

WorkSmart Events for Management has officially unveiled its plans to host a prestigious International Business Hub during the 43rd edition of the renowned GITEX event, scheduled to take place from October 16th to 20th at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Center.

This remarkable gathering will witness the active participation of some of the world’s foremost commercial giants, all operating within the dynamic technology sector. The overarching objective is to forge vital connections between industry pioneers and establish a comprehensive platform that convenes participating entities for the purpose of evaluating lucrative business prospects, fostering growth, and identifying investment opportunities within this thriving sector.

WorkSmart has affirmed that nearly all participation slots have been allocated due to the substantial demand from distinguished Bahraini companies in this sector, leaving only a limited number of vacancies remaining for enterprises and organizations across various domains closely linked to information and communication technology. This encompasses digital payments, Fintech, banking and retail, e-commerce, credit card services, logistics and delivery, alongside specialized companies specializing in cutting-edge fields like big data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, cloud technology, communications, and network solutions.

The company affirmed that the platform encompasses an extensive array of sections and events tailored to diverse interests. Notably, it boasts a dedicated space where startups can showcase their pioneering technological concepts and projects to an audience comprising discerning investors and business luminaries keen on tech investments. This setting facilitates direct engagement with visitors through live demonstrations and interactive discussions.

Furthermore, the platform offers a designated arena for lectures and seminars led by industry experts, providing a forum to deliberate upon the latest advancements and challenges within technology-related domains. Additionally, it serves as a conduit for fostering bilateral meetings with prospective clients, strategic partners, and potential investors.

Mr. Ahmed Al Hujairy, CEO of WorkSmart for Events Management, expressed his pride in WorkSmart’s orchestration of this pioneering platform, heralded as a global nexus for exhibitors. He underscored the manifold opportunities it provides for companies and institutions to forge cooperative ventures, enhance communication, strike lucrative deals, establish novel partnerships, explore emerging trends, and cultivate innovative solutions that cater to the discerning demands of the tech market. Notably, he emphasized that the platform mirrors the company’s unwavering commitment to advancing the technology industry, propelling sectoral growth, attracting investments to the Kingdom, fostering the digital economy, and nurturing a technologically driven and sustainable society.

“This platform’s impact extends beyond merely showcasing technical products and services. It serves as a dynamic hub for fostering learning and knowledge exchange through a rich program of seminars, lectures, and workshops integrated into the exhibition’s framework. Leveraging the substantial international audience of over 170,000 visitors and 5,000 exhibiting companies, this platform becomes a conduit for new avenues of collaboration within the tech markets.” Said Mr. Al Hujairy.

Furthermore, Mr. Al Hujairy underscored the pivotal role this international platform assumes in fortifying cooperation and nurturing economic relationships between the Kingdom and firms hailing from 176 countries participating in the exhibition.

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