Bahrain to ban kingfish fishing and selling for two months

A seasonal two-month ban on fishing kingfish has been announced by the Agriculture and Marine Resources Affairs at the Ministry of Municipalities Affairs and Agriculture.

During the ban period, extending between August 15 and October 15, fishermen are not allowed to catch or sell kingfish, (locally known as chan’ad).

The ban aims to increase Bahrain’s kingfish stocks, regulate fishing and avoid exhausting and depleting fisheries to achieve balance within marine life, Agriculture and Marine Resources Affairs said, stressing that all necessary measures will be taken to implement the ban.

It emphasized that violators of Decree-Law 20/2002 on the regulation of fishing, exploitation, and protection of marine wealth will be held accountable, calling on fishermen to cooperate with the competent directorate to implement the ban and preserve marine wealth.

The ban is also in line with the resolution taken by the Agricultural Cooperation at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) during its 23rd meeting held in Riyadh.


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