Bahrain Tech Community Takes Center Stage: LEAP 2024 Conference Unveils 14 Leading Bahraini Companies

In the distinguished presence of His Excellency, the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications, Mr. Mohamed bin Thamer Al Kaabi, the Kingdom of Bahrain Pavilion was inaugurated at the third edition of LEAP 2024.

 This prestigious event, unfolding over four days at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, featured the active participation of 14 cutting-edge Bahraini technology companies. The grand opening was graced by the esteemed presence of Mr. Mr. Ibrahem AlNasser, the Deputy Minister of Technology, and chairman of the executive committee of the National Technology Development Program – NTDP in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, And Acting Director of the Communications Department, Mr. Mohamed Benali, Mr. Tareq Fakhroo, Chairman of the the Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH), and Mr. Khalid AlBayat – Chief Growth Officer at Tamkeen.

A delegation comprising senior officials and decision-makers in the global ICT sector toured the Bahraini pavilion situated in Hall 5. They received detailed briefings on the participating Bahraini companies, which are supported by Tamkeen. These include ThinkSmart for Development and Training, Almoayyed Computer Middle East, iBlockchain, AFS, Silah Gulf, Posbank, Etisalcom, Gulf Future Business Company, Kalam Telecom, VirtuThinko WLL, Ali Bishara Consulting, Global. iTS, Rsquare Technologies WLL, and ICT Flex. These entities are participating alongside over 900 global technology companies and 400 ICT startups from around the world.

Mr. Tareq Fakhroo, Chairman of BTECH, acknowledged the efforts of His Excellency the Minister of Transportation and Telecommunications to elevate the ICT sector in Bahrain. He also recognized Tamkeen’s support in facilitating companies’ participation in the exhibition, fostering development, and advancing emerging technology sector institutions.

Mr. Fakhroo emphasized the significance of having 14 Bahraini technology entities from various sectors converge in one location, providing an opportune platform for in-depth discussions on joint actions to promote the advancement of the ICT sector in Bahrain and enhance its market share in the IT market of the Arabian Gulf.

Mr. Fakhro added: “We anticipate numerous agreements to be signed at this year’s Bahrain National Pavilion, as Bahraini companies engage with their regional and global counterparts. The pavilion has experienced high turnout since its opening day, foreshadowing a substantial rise in the number of visitors from both enthusiasts and investors in the days ahead. Commending the diversity and excellence of services and products showcased by Bahraini exhibitors, we highlight their capacity to present a distinctive global competitive model.”

Mr. Khalid AlBayat, Chief Growth Officer at the Labour Fund – Tamkeen, emphasized the significance of Bahrain’s extensive and distinguished participation in the exhibition. This participation is aimed at aligning with global developments in the ICT sector and enhancing its contribution to the national product. He underscored Tamkeen’s commitment to supporting this crucial sector in accelerating business growth, generating quality employment opportunities for Bahrainis, and bolstering the digital transformation process. Mr. AlBayat commended BTECH’s efforts in organizing the Bahraini National Pavilion in LEAP for the second consecutive edition.

LEAP 2024 will delve into a variety of vital topics concerning the latest innovations and advanced technologies in ICT applications from March 4 to 7. The event will feature lectures, workshops, and training courses designed to enrich the experiences and knowledge of attendees, including companies, individuals, entrepreneurs, and those interested in the technical sector. These activities will pave the way for participating entities to explore new markets, establish partnerships and agreements, and enhance their market share and expansion capabilities.

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