Bahrain-Qatar Causeway Poised to Double Tourism Impact: Amralla

Ali Amralla, CEO of “Visit Bahrain,” a prominent destination management company headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, said that the forthcoming Bahrain-Qatar Causeway project is poised to significantly boost tourism growth in Bahrain. According to him, the project will elevate key tourism metrics associated with the influx of visitors, leading to increased tourism and travel between Bahrain and Qatar, as well as across the broader Arabian Gulf region. He further emphasized that the positive impact of this ambitious initiative extends beyond Bahrain and Qatar, encompassing the entire Arab Gulf region.

Mr. Amralla said:

“The tourism sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain is poised for an unprecedented revival in the future, following the anticipated inauguration of the Bahrain-Qatar Causeway. This causeway is expected to play a crucial role in facilitating travel between Bahrain and Qatar, consequently contributing to a substantial growth in the influx of visitors from Qatar, neighboring countries, and around the world. Notably, this surge is anticipated among individuals and families with significant purchasing power who are seeking unique and enriching tourist experiences in Bahrain,”

Mr. Amralla emphasized on a related note that the Causeway will also yield mutual benefits for the tourism sector in Qatar, given the ongoing tourism resurgence in Bahrain. He stated, “Our focus extends beyond the significance of the Causeway solely for tourism exchange between Bahrain and Qatar. Considering the millions of tourists visiting both countries annually from around the world, envisioning Manama and Doha as a unified tourist destination becomes a possibility.”

Mr. Amralla underscored the imperative for private tourism sector establishments in Bahrain to be prepared and equipped to align with the substantial tourism developments anticipated with this project. This preparedness involves ensuring the capability to offer an appealing and innovative tourism product, elevating tourism service standards to the highest level, leveraging global advancements in the tourism industry, and implementing the best international tourism technologies in Bahrain.

Furthermore, Mr. Amralla addressed the pivotal role of the Bahrain-Qatar Causeway in attracting increased tourism investments, generating job opportunities for local talents, boosting the contribution of the tourism and travel sector to the GDP, and spearheading innovative initiatives to support tourism development in the Kingdom and the region. He highlighted the significance of showcasing the qualitative Bahraini tourism product and the abundant tourism potentials that align with the objectives outlined in the tourism strategy for the years 2022-2026.

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