Bahrain Pavilion Wraps Up on a High Note at Gulfood

The Bahrain National Pavilion wrapped up its presence at the prominent Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai, showcasing the offerings of three prominent Bahraini companies in the food sector: Awal Dairy Company, Deeko Bahrain, and Kazerooni Brothers.

Representing various segments of the Bahraini food industry, such as dairy, canned goods, bakery items, and seafood, this participation facilitated an ideal avenue for Bahraini enterprises to exhibit their food products. It enabled them to broaden their trading network, enhance their presence in international markets, forge new trade partnerships, and present top-notch food items leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovation in the industry.

Commenting on his company participation, Mr. Ebrahim Zainal, Chairman of Awal Dairy Co WLL, said, “Gulfood is one of the essential exhibitions in the food industry worldwide, competing with the largest global exhibitions in food marketing. As a Bahraini company, we are delighted to be part of this exhibition for over a decade, during which we have introduced our products to international markets. This has enabled us to gain customers outside Bahrain in the Gulf region, as well as in Africa and the Middle East.”

For his part, Mr. Bashar Kazerooni, Managing Director of Kazerooni Brothers, stated, “We always prioritize participating in this exhibition to reach leading distribution companies with whom we aim to establish new business opportunities. Through our participation this year, we gained potential customers from various countries, and our company witnessed significant interest, particularly from North Africa and America. We hope to expand further in these regions.”

“We met numerous leading international distribution companies, showcased our products, exchanged ideas, and discussed potential collaborations. After the exhibition and upon our return to Bahrain, we will continue to communicate with them, with the intention of implementing the discussed plans. We were pleased to participate in this significant exhibition, as it provides opportunities to engage with decision-makers, understand the specifications required by their markets, and discuss the best solutions we can offer. It also sheds light on the future direction of our company’s plans.” Mr. Kazerooni added.

Mr. Ali Al Haithami, CEO of Akron Pack, expressed, “Participating in Gulfood exhibition was a tremendous opportunity to showcase our products, which received great interest from customers worldwide. Through our participation, we gained customers from Arab, European, African, and Asian countries. We did not expect such a high level of interest. The exhibition also provided us with opportunities for global expansion. I would recommend all Bahraini companies in the F&B industry to participate and seize networking opportunities to secure significant orders and establish partnerships with counterparts from all countries.”

Ms. Nasreen Dawani the sales director of Deeko Bahrain stated that Deeko Bahrain, specialist in manufacturing packaging products, achieved notable success during its participation at Gulfood within the Bahraini pavilion. The company effectively showcased its latest products, encompassing aluminum foil, wrapping paper, aluminum food container production, and a diverse array of products under the renowned Dana brand, widely recognized in the GCC markets.

Ms. Dawani added: “Participating in this event provided us with an exceptional opportunity to showcase our products to attendees and exhibitors from various countries. It also allowed us to exchange insights and expertise, establish positive collaborations with international firms, stay informed about contemporary global trends in manufacturing food packaging materials, introduce our high-quality products to a wide range of international customers, and explore new regional and global markets.”

WorkSmart Events Management, the company responsible for organizing the Bahraini pavilion at Gulfood, has confirmed that Bahraini companies, participants in the recent exhibition, have declared their intent to join the forthcoming edition slated for 2025.

This announcement highlights the significant backing extended to the Bahraini food industry by the government and stakeholders, with a strategic objective of strengthening and elevating the position of Bahraini companies within the sector and emphasizing their competitiveness on the global stage.

During this edition of Gulfood, recognized as one of the leading exhibitions in the Middle East’s food and beverage sector, Bahraini companies stood alongside nearly 5,500 exhibitors from across the globe. With over 130,000 visitors hailing from over 200 countries, the event spanned across 24 expansive halls. This substantial international turnout highlights the event’s pivotal role within the global food industry.

Bahraini companies also seized the opportunity to engage in some of the most captivating events during the exhibition. This included the prestigious Top Table event, featuring the participation of a large group of globally acclaimed chefs. Additionally, they took part in the Dubai International Food Event, which serves as a platform for local chefs to seamlessly collaborate with renowned chefs from around the world.

Furthermore, Bahraini companies participated in the “YouthX Competition,” now in its third edition, aimed at empowering promising talent in the food and beverage sector by providing practical experience. The competition’s finals within the exhibition witnessed intense rivalry between several teams from leading restaurants and hotels in the UAE.

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