Bahrain Medical Society Teams Up with BDA for Cutting-Edge Physician Training

The Bahrain Medical Society (BMS) has collaborated with the BDA for medical and scientific training and conferences, solidifying their partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement aims to enhance cooperation by developing a comprehensive agenda for continuous medical education. It includes advanced and accredited courses in various medical specialties, workshops, and lectures covering the latest medical developments and innovations.

Additionally, the collaboration involves creating educational programs for students and specialists in diverse medical fields and strengthening joint efforts to advance the realm of medicine in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The MoU was formally signed by Dr. Amer Al Derazi, President of the Bahrain Medical Society, and Dr. Ahmed Shahda, CEO of BDA.

The MoU outlines collaborative efforts between the Bahrain Medical Society and the BDA to initiate a series of new medical conferences and exhibitions. This partnership also leverages BDA’s expertise in organizing and managing prestigious medical events within the Kingdom. The joint endeavors are directed towards organizing and promoting high-level medical conferences held annually in Bahrain, these conferences aim to attract medical experts and specialists from across the globe, bolstering Bahrain’s standing as a leading hub for healthcare and medical research.

Furthermore, the MoU emphasizes cooperation in integrating Bahraini university students into the activities and events of the Bahrain Medical Society. It involves the exchange of administrative experiences between the staff of both organizations, enhancing academic collaboration, and developing training programs to enhance the skills of new doctors. Additionally, the agreement includes launching joint scientific research projects, organizing scientific, research, and technical seminars, as well as related events. It also facilitates the exchange of knowledge and scientific materials between the two entities.

Dr. Amer Al Derazi, President of the Bahrain Medical Society, emphasized the Society’s dedication to establishing enduring cooperation mechanisms with partners and stakeholders. He stated, “We are delighted to collaborate with esteemed partners like BDA to establish a unified agenda for medical training. The Society is committed to working closely with its strategic allies to offer continuous and specialized learning experiences for students, trainees, and medical professionals in the Kingdom. Our goal is to prepare them proactively to keep up with the ongoing advancements in the health sector.”

“This Memorandum of Understanding underscores our ongoing and shared dedication to offering inclusive opportunities for every medical professional, encompassing students, trainees, and seasoned practitioners alike. These opportunities are designed to enhance their academic journeys, provide hands-on practical experience, and impart valuable knowledge in the fields of medical and health sciences. Additionally, these initiatives empower newcomers by providing them with suitable training, thereby facilitating their path to securing desired positions, thanks to our extensive network of local and international partnerships.” According to Dr. Al Derazi.

Dr. Ahmed Shahda, CEO of BDA, said, “This MOU signifies our dedication to establishing a fruitful partnership aimed at implementing a structured continuing medical education agenda in Bahrain. Through this collaboration, we aim to equip new students and doctors with expertise, enrich their practical knowledge, and bolster their future professional growth. This underscores our commitment to enhancing Bahrain’s global standing as a premier hub for medical training and organizing high-value medical conferences with leading scientific content.”

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